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Top Five… Summertime Favorites

1.e.l.f. facial whip- drugstores $1

That’s right…$1. I swear by this stuff. Perfect finish to any look or great with just some mascara…just dab a little on your cheekbones and go! This is a hidden gem.

2. Marc Jacobs Honey- dept stores..price varies in size

I love this scent. It’s delicate enough to wear anywhere. One of the only things I could tolerate smelling this pregnancy and that’s saying a lot. Plus it’s sooo cute🐝

3. Freeman Facial Mask Charcoal & Black Sugar-Ulta/drugstores $4.29

Another hidden gem… Perfect for cleaning pores for those of us with blackheads. I love a lot of their masks but I’ll save those for later… This one is great for a bright fresh summer time glow!

4. Mwah Lip Balms and Gloss-Target $4.99

As if this stuff isn’t cute enough to buy for that reason alone. I feel like I’m in middle school again with this nostalgia inducing balm (we all know how much lip smackers meant to us).. Not to mention the mango butter and fresh ingredients feels amazing on your lips💋

5. Revlon Frost and Glow Honey-drugstores $6.99

Now this is something to try if you are familiar with a box of DIY hair color. I got this from one of my beauty inspirations and its perfect for us busy mommas who need a pick me up in the hair department without sacrificing the moolah and the time!


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