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Mermaid Hair…DIY Sea Salt Spray

 Ok… I’m pretty much obsessed with the beach wave hair, all year long! However, with summer nearing the end, I figure why not indulge majorly in summer trends before the leaves fall. So here’s my little hair secret, that’s super cheap.. Keeps hair shiny & healthy.. And gives you those textured waves…

Ingredients: sea salt or Epsom salt, coconut conditioner, hair gel, aloe vera, gloss drops, water

Now for me, I simply dash a little of these products into a travel size bottle like the one above.. Making water the main ingredient…To make a larger portion, Id use about a tablespoon of each product and only a few pumps of your choice in gloss drops..and again, water is main ingredient.

This is my hair after spritzing the mixture through my hair generously…

The sea salt will give you the desired volume. The coconut conditioner is for smell and extra softness(I use Suave for this.. So cheap.. Smells soooo good). Now don’t skip the aloe! This keeps hair naturally shiny, promotes growth and protects from damage when used regularly. Hair gel is for hold & I use a few drops of my favorite hair gloss, Biolage Deep Smoothing Serum, but this step is optional. I add drops to ensure no frizz.

Not only is this amazing for this look, it’s so good for your hair. If you need, tease your roots a tad and throw in a few small curls for a more polished look or tuck a few strands of hair back with bobby pins for those extra humid days💋

4 thoughts on “Mermaid Hair…DIY Sea Salt Spray”

  1. Love this idea, and love the look will def try the combo of these, considering I use them all separately, with kids this sounds so much easier!


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