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DIY Face Wash…

The “Yes-to” brand is one of my absolute favorites. I especially love the Tomato and Blueberry ones. But again..when I was pregnant..Salicylic acid had to go so I started using a a few of these when I was broke out…

Ingredients: tomato, oil & salt

Tomatoes work as one of the best acne solutions and packed with vitamins for skin.. So I muddle the inside of one tomato.. Then add a little olive oil & salt.. And there you have it! Definitely using this this morning🍅

Ingredients: blended blueberries, honey & oil (sugar optional)

Blueberries are anti-aging and moisturizing.. So again just muddle the berries.. Then top with a little honey and oil..I use this more as a moisturizer.. But add sugar to exfoliate. And there you have it.. Easy!

These are nice as face masks, as well. Of coarse, I still use my “yes to” brand…but this is a nice quick alternative! So get your natural groove on… Try it out!

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