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Don’t be like the rest of them…

As I find myself, so close to having my daughter, I love to see this quote. It means the world to me to stand on my own two feet, and be able to say, that no matter what, I have stayed true to myself and I have always taken pride in being my own person.  I am able to stand back and always rejoice in seeing others happy. My pictures, hair, living room..don’t have to be perfect. My life can be messy and beautiful. I love that balance. Of coarse I take pride in all those things but it’s okay when it’s not picture perfect. So, I find myself wishing that for her as well. I hope my little Georgiana Rose always stands on her own… Doing the things she wants to do..saying what she wants to say.. That she doesn’t need to be like anyone, but herself. My sons know this all too well. I imagine her being just like them.. strong.. smart.. and independent. I long for the day I meet her.. That her brothers look into her eyes for the first time…My little Gigibean..So don’t be like the rest of them my you.🎀💝🌹

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