Favorite e.l.f. Products…

It’s safe to say… I love this line of cosmetics. There are so many gems among’s hard to choose what the best is! The price definitely helps. You can get the brushes starting at just $1. It’s the only brushes I use for eyeshadow and bronzers, etc..Seriously, their brushes work! You don’t even want to get me started on the facial whip either! I will never go without this stuff. It’s the perfect touch of glow on any day…$1!!

The products pictured above are what I use everyday. The facial primer & tinted moisturizer are total steals. It’s the perfect light pick me up for skin on those lighter makeup days. The makeup mist & set is packed with amazing ingredients..aloe, green tea, cucumber & vitamins, as it clearly states. The clarifying powder I got on sale for $1. That’s it. It helps fight breakouts while helping cover it up.

Now these are just a few of my favorite things. I use their tinted lip colors.. Eye shadow sticks.. You name it! They don’t even test on animals, making you feel even that much better about having these items in the makeup bag!! So if you haven’t..give it a go! Target and Walmart have a pretty decent selection of the items even!

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