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Flawless…(I did not wake up like this)

We all have our go to products and favorite makeup combinations. Whether you want to glam it up with contouring… Or just doing the bare minimum for a quick brunch and coffee, I’m going to share my foul proof favorites that are used….every.. single…day!! So if you’re a makeup extraordinare or barely using anything, these are amazing products to always keep in the bag…


1. Bobbie Brown Metallic Long-Wear Cream Eyeshadow…$26.00

I’m a firm believer in eye shadow. I feel completely naked without. So splurging more on something I know will last the whole day is easy for me. Choose a good neutral color based on your complexion to keep on hand. I have darker hair and like a more dramatic look, so I tend to go for darker browns.  If eyeshadow isn’t that high on the priority list or just need a good knockoff, I go for Maybelline Color Tattoo. It’s runs about $5.99 mostly and can find just about anywhere. I definitely keep different shades in this and swear by both brands. Try mixing an even lighter shade of shimmer just under the brown to finish the look.

2.NYX HD Photogenic Concealer..$4.99

I put on concealer constantly! I have two kids and one on the way. So basically, I’m a pro at covering up the dark circles under my eyes due to no sleep. I’m not a fan of wearing a ton of foundation and contouring everyday. A little concealer is perfect for those easy days and gives your skin a break! I have tried and will continue to try many versions but this one does the trick just fine.

3.Covergirl Cheekers…$3.99

Ok.. Seriously… I have used this since middle school. Love other brands but the minute this starts to run out, I instantly replace this. I choose a shade that has more of a shimmery tint to it. I feel like a fairy knowing my cheeks are luminescent. Plus, for the price, I don’t feel bad using it all the time. A must!!

4. Maybelline Great Lash Mascara…$3.99

Again, I’m a product junkie and love to try all the fun new mascaras but this old faithful works every time. I love having big black as night eyelashes every day. This is nice but it gives you that effect without looking like you’ve overdone it for breakfast with the girls.

5. M.A.C. Lipstick…$17.00

This is another splurge for me. Now that your cheeks are shining..Your eyes are bright..You need a good neutral lip to pull this off and go.  This brand of products is amazing in all corners of the ring but I trust that their lipstick isn’t going to rub off the very second it touches the rim of a glass. Choosing a neutral shade that works with the eyeshadow you’ve chosen is important. I like a completely nude shade or a hint of pink at times. A good knockoff is NYC lipsticks. I love their shades and the price is killer… You’ll spend about $1-$2 and it actually last a decent amount of time.

There is my flawless go to glam…Doll it up or dress it down. These color combos work at the market or happy hour. If experimenting with looks, I always use cheaper brands. Until I know the color combos and shades that work well with my new tan or freshly dyed hair, I test it all out then decide what’s worth the splurge. This neutral style looks amazing with all skin types and hair colors. It’s why it’s my fave❤️ Fresh and pretty!!💋

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