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End of Summer Round Up…Beauty, Treats & Music

I love Summer just as much as the next person, but I especially love fall. Before I delve in to all things Autumn..I like to enjoy  some of my favorite summer transitional things.

Starting with style…

This is the time where I love to experiment with darker but fun colors for nails. Like above, this is a Wet and Wild polish..that I adore..called Caribbean Frost. Perfect for when you’re ready to give up on the neons and pastels but still want some color.

Then there’s the hair.. Ah, my prized possession! I love to do a little caramel coloring to lighten it up and still have something that works well with Fall.

The clothes I like to wear are definitely still light since temps can be scorching during the day. I opt for occasionally wearing my booties with my favorite tank and holey jeans for the cooler nights. Or like above, I mix darker colors with colorful necklaces and light cottons.

Then there’s summer time treats…

Our favorites, that we literally enjoy over and over before Fall…sweet tea,  our favorite local ice cream shop (the butterscotch dipped cone😛), lots & lots of berries and fruits, and of coarse, iced Starbucks coffees. We make our tea and coffee at home sometimes with some copycat recipes. Check out the Starbucks blog!  These just scream summer to me and miss them so much in our cold Midwest Winters.

Then there’s my end of Summer playlist..

Jessie James Decker and more Jessie James Decker! First off, she’s a football players wife so what better way to get ready for crisp Autumn air than that! She just released a new song on iTunes “Lights Down Low”… Do yourself a favor and download “Clint Eastwood” as well. I love all her songs but these I’m jamming to enjoy my last summer days.

So there ya have it! Things I just can’t get enough of right now. I’m so excited for this Fall since our baby girl will be arriving…. But still I’m relishing in all things Summer so I don’t miss it much!🍍🌺💄


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