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Fall Essentials Shopping….

Raised in the South, living in the Midwest…simple and chic is the name of my game. I adore dressing up, but with 3 kids under 3 at the end of this year, I want to go a little more basic and sleek. For me, less is more. I feel prettiest when I’m comfy!! So here’s what I’m looking for this upcoming season in my shopping list…The classics…

I feel amazing in a comfortable tee. Look for something a little loose and sheer to get a more feminine vibe. H&M has an amazing “basics” section I love to raid for my Fall layers. I always go for ripped skinny jeans too. I feel like a sexy rockstar in favorite pair came from American Eagle for $30!..They stretch,making them a pumpkin muffin’s best friend. Can’t help my obsession! It adds a lot to an already basic outfit, as well.

Chunky scarves are always a do. I love plaid, like this Forever 21 scarf above, because it goes with so many Fall colors. So this thing gets worn quite a bit, in different ways. Uggs are a must. I do live in the North, so ours actually come in handy! I do,however, opt for a moccasin style in Autumn. So so comfy, warm & perfect!

Now to feel a little more glam in my comfiest items… I always go for colors that look great everyday when it comes to makeup and accessories. Choose a few dark & rich colors that go with the basic items you’ve chosen. Grey, dark purples & chocolate browns are my fave for nails. For eyeshadow, I’m stocking up on soft pink and darker brown shades.

This season, I’m going a little more edgy with a leopard clutch to seal the deal on my secret pajama inspired ensemble. I’ll be toting around a newborn diaper bag mostly, but will need something cute for coffee with the hubby and bestie too. This will slide right in to a diaper bag perfectly! Now the hair, I love a messy bun or soft caramel curls since I’m a brunette. If evening outing is planned, I go for volume & a few soft curls. If I am on my way to Starbucks… Rocking the bun.

Finish up with some chunky studs like these..

Loving all the druzy styles right now! If you have toddlers and babies, dangling earrings are scary! And statement necklaces are teethers.. So definitely into these now!

So if you’re like me and looking for a more simple look, add these items on your list too or hop on over to Pinterest to get inspired! Less is more!!! Wish me happy huntings for these items and good luck to you!

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