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Game Day: Crunchwraps & Caramel Apple Nachos…

Hi there! It’s September, so the time of football is upon us. I love making food and watching my family get excited over touchdowns. So I’ll share some of our favorite recipes, as I have before, in case you need some easy inspiration too!

Let start with the insanely simple Crunchwraps…

Ingredients: ground beef, toppings (lettuce, tomato, cheese, etc), tostadas, large tortillas shells

You’re basically going to make tacos in different form alrighty..

Brown the beef and season with your homemade taco season or packet. Prepare your toppings and shells…

In your large tortilla, place the meat in the middle, then place tostada on top..then add your toppings on top of the tostada and fold the remainder of large tortilla over everything…

Then place in skillet to toast the shell! Bam. Super easy!!

I like to use orange bell peppers..spinach.. A light taco season I created..cheese..sour cream.. You name it! I even like to make an avocado spread, rice and beans at times.


Again, so easy lovelies! This is something I’ve always loved because it’s easier to eat and easy to make.

Ingredients: apples, chocolate chips, marshmallows, caramel sauce

Simply slice your apples, melt your toppings as preferred, then place on top of the apples.

Now there’s a few ways to go about your toppings.. Buy chocolate, caramel & marshmallow ready to simply warm and squeeze! I’d also like to let you know, making your own chocolate, caramel & marshmallow fluff is very easy!

I’ve been sick, so I went a little more basic and bought chocolate chips filled with caramel and just placed atop the apples without melting… I melted some marshmallows I already had with a little butter in the microwave stirring frequently..and used ready made caramel.

These are amazing when you add pretzels..graham cracker crumbs.. nuts..butterscotch.. Sprinkles..Basically anything!!

So this was our yummy picks today. My husband got to decide since I’m on a bit of a detox diet to feel better!! I used far more veggies on my Crunchwrap and less toppings on my apple. It’s easy to make healthier versions of this. I hope you enjoy!

Good luck to all you college and NFL fans! Enjoy your weekend!

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