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A Relaxing & Romantic Evening for Two…Please❤️

Sometimes, we all get so caught in the hustle and bustle, that true relaxing completely goes by the wayside. We are on our phones or watching the same old TV…We like to take a pause from that and call it our “night off”. Whether it’s a movie we rented, a bath or an evening cocktail & chat, after the kids are asleep…We just take a little time each week, when we feel it’s necessary.

Whether you’re coupled up, married or single, it’s vital to make sure you’re replenished with a little cozy comfort. As busy parents of two under two and one on the way (in the matter of weeks), we are so tied up in parenting, preparing, work….you name it. Here are my favorites to help when we need to unwind…

1. Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics are amazing… I’ve been in love for years and have tried everything. I even use these for my babies! But this bubble bar, known as French Kiss, is great when you want a perfectly pretty bubbly bath. Even the hubby uses some of the products. It’s amazing for skin and smells fantastic. So it’s easy to feel as free as a bird after a Lush bath.

2. Another Lush product to use, our favorite massage bar, Wiccy Magic Muscle Massage Bar. This is great for when feeling tense and need the muscles to calm it down. My husband loves this! Again, the smell… Oh those Lush smells… Make it perfectly easy to relax.

3. A simple dinner for two…I love pasta.. I mean c’mon! It’s simple for a busy week.. You can fake the sauce if need too. My go to is whatever I have on hand. Think grilled chicken or shrimp..your favorite noodle..favorite it off with bacon/tomatoes/mozzarella balls.. Anything! Now if time is of no concern, get creative with your or his favorite meal. Just something to connect over if you’ve been slipping a bit.

4. Ok, while I’m more of a champagne or mocktail in the tub kind of girl, the hubs loves the brews on these nights. He always goes for a craft local beer. So if that’s what you’re craving, find a local brewery or winery. This is supposed to be special..not the Daytona 500 (ok I’m from the south, that’s NASCAR for anyone who doesn’t know). Maybe you’re pregnant like me or don’t drink, make a bubbly drink of preference. Think sparkling ciders, juices & fruits.

So here’s what I’m planning for our night off. I promise to jazz it up a bit more for you guys with special recipes and tips but being so close to labor I’m getting pretty simple this 3rd time in a row…oops! Also, why I need to pull this night together💋

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