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Fall Fashion Staples…Outfit of the Day

I always have thought less is more. Whether it be pairing a statement necklace with heels or huge perfect earrings with the most perfect clutch, I think a few simple things take an outfit a long way. Don’t get me wrong though!! I adore going the distance with many beautiful pieces but on a day to day basis it’s still easy to look a little more glamorous. I also have my two little tots running around so I always make sure I have a few things I can turn to in a jiffy…

Ok, so I love mixing up cheaper buys with my not so cheaper buys. I’ll be pairing together some of my favorite things for you lovely ladies.

Let’s start with the jeans..I love Express jeans. They fit wonderfully for many body types and can be worn over and over. The skinnies are my favorite to pair with heels and booties.

The top is H&M. It doesn’t look like much here but I promise their pieces are so soft. I love tops like these for when just needing a grab and go look. This looks like an amazing flowing top when not wrapped around an 8 month pregnant lady of coarse..

Next up, jewelry. This was far more simple today. I paired up some Forever 21 sunnies, that only cost me $5.50, with a few silver necklaces that also only cost me $5! So again, I have no shame in buying a few cheaper pieces to keep around. I love these! Stacked bracelets are my favorite go to bracelets. They can be dressed up or down.

My Michael Kors wristlet is the perfect item for everyday. It has a compartment that fits my iPhone perfectly and protects it. I am in love with my Kors tote as well, so this fits right in to it when I need to carry more. But on most days, I love just sliding a lip gloss in here and going.

Now the black heels, you must have black heels… Because no matter how you feel or what you wear, black heels will get you there. These are my go to heels, along with my nude ones, and can be found at Charolette Russe.

Now clearly, I am a huge pregnant lady about to pop right now. Naturally, comfort is very important. I promise though, comfort is high on my list even when not pregnant. I will start showing more of my glamorous side once my daughter is here! However, I truly do believe someone who looks so effortlessly beautiful and comfortable is far more appealing on a day to day basis.


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