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A Look Inside My Bag…Fashion, Beauty &  Entertainment Essentials…

Hi lovies! It’s time to get practical. I found myself stocking up on my “classic” items to have on me at all times today. I have a new bag and making sure I have all new stuffings for it.  Starting with my must have lip saviors and so on…

First up, Mwah Sweet Tart Lip Balm. I’ve raved about this before. Smells and feels amazing. With all natural ingredients, makes it super easy to keep around.

Also, Baby Lips and Eos Hand Lotions are frequently amongst my things I keep handy. I love the scents and colors.

Lastly, I love illuminators. I keep this $1 bottle of e.l.f. around at all times. Cheap, so it’s easy to keep one stashed everywhere and perfect for a quick pick me up when out and about…

My sunnies are always a must!

I keep a pretty headband around for those days when the hairstyle gives up and I need to save myself from a basic pony.

Bracelets are also easy. If I am in a bind to go somewhere quickly or regret my outfit, I can always stack a few of these on to feel a bit jazzier.


The Honest Company is something I’m beyond obsessed with. I keep their hand sanitizer around at all times and trust it with my kiddos. I’ll save the obsession for other products for another time!

Tissues and my favorite bubble gum of coarse, is always around!

 My notes! I’m such an old lady when it comes to making lists. I love a good ole fashioned grocery list. Plus, I can jot down appointments and dates while on the go.

I have tried so many apps but nothing beats have cute stationary around. Works wonders for my forgetful self! Plus, my sons love to display their handy artwork on these while I shop.

The most important…my iPhone, iPad & keys to my beautiful Jeep. I need all things, obviously. They all double as toys for the toddlers too!😘

And the bag itself for you lovelies to see…Okay okay, this is clearly my huge Guess Diaper Bag I upgraded to now that I need to pack for three little bittys and myself! I’m in love with it. Makes me feel good and stylish while also being practical.

Bam! There it is my friends! Some of the safest and best things to keep around on a day to day basis, in my opinion ! Do you have any of these too?!


2 thoughts on “A Look Inside My Bag…Fashion, Beauty &  Entertainment Essentials…”

  1. They’ve come out with some really great colors for the Baby Lips, however I’ve come to find that they dry my lips out really quickly. If you have the same trouble, do a layer of Chapstick before applying it. Helps a lot! I have some fall favorites as well that you may enjoy- feel free to check it out!


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