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Coconut Leave-In Conditioner & Body Butter…

Coconut oil is an essential in my household. I am so very proud to say, that some of my favorite products to use, I make myself. I’m not kidding! A lot of what I make can easily be bought in various versions, but it’s pretty simple to make them. I’ve been down with a cold..again…so I decided to take this down time at home to restock some of my favorite home remedies and decided to share this one with you lovelies!

Coconut Oil, as we all should now know…is amazing. I mean the things you can do with it are enough to always have a big stock around. I actually use mine mostly for beauty purposes. Today though, I needed to make my lotion and conditioner.

I love long hair. My secret weapon, coconut oil. I use it as a hair mask.. Just rub into hands and apply directly in to hair for hour or two. It boosts growth by repairing protein in hair. I don’t always have time for that though. So I make a leave in treatment to give my tresses some lovin.


Leave-In Treatment

Simple…mix hot water and coconut oil…in desired amount depending on bottle. I use smaller bottles since natural products don’t last as long. I mix about a 3/4 cup of water with 1 tablespoon of the oil. Done.

Coconut Body Butter

Blend or hand mix ingredients as follows:

1 cup coconut oil 

1/2 cup Cocoa Butter

1 tablespoon sunflower oil (or desired carrier oil)

Optional: lavender and sea buckthorn oil… Amazing oils for skin! I advise keeping them on hand to add to any lotions.

I love having these products around. You can see how simple it is to make and does a body good. These are more like treatments for me. I apply after a bath at night and slide in to my favorite pjs! Your skin and hair will thank you in the morning!

Don’t forget to use my favorite pumpkin scrub recipe to exfoliate first!!💋

3 thoughts on “Coconut Leave-In Conditioner & Body Butter…”

  1. はじめまして。自分は今年で30歳と4カ月になります。そして子に季節になりました。ですからできればいらない毛は除毛をやっておきたいですよね。最近は、全国に脱毛できる病院がめちゃくちゃあります。やりたい部位は、個人差が、特に脱毛したいのは鼻下です。私は、店舗が多いシースリーに通っています。そのおかげで、だいぶムダ毛が減っています。やはり一人で処理するのとは、効果が凄いです。あとちょっとシースリーに行ってムダ毛を少なくしたいです。でも、脱毛専門のエステサロンに通ったとしても知りたいのは脱毛にかかる料金です。それについては、スタッフに聞けばいいでしょう。他にも気になるのが、いつまで通わないといけないのかです。自分はできれば、半年くらいで全部終わってくれると理想的ですね。まあ、行こうと思っている人は相談してみましょう。


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