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Beauty Skin Detox…

My lovelies…Beauty always come from within, I believe. Not just our attitude towards life… but if we aren’t taking care of our body, not even the most expensive of cosmetics can help. It is so important to stay hydrated and cleanse out the toxins for our biggest organ, our skin, to really glow. I’m going to share with you my favorite way to glow up with my detox drink. Not only will it promote a healthy lifestyle…it can whiten teeth, boost weight loss and can even help hair grow!! I’m prepping for baby number three, so I’m making sure my body is ready from the inside out,

Let’s start with Apples and Apple Cider Vinegar…

-Weight Loss: eating apples can actually suppress hunger by making you feel full

Teeth whitening: save yourself some time and money on the whitening strips! These guys will help out with keeping those pearly whites….white!

Skin: Apples are full of amazing benefits for skin..they hydrate, tone & provide a youthful glow.

Next up…Lemons….

Like apples, lemons have properties that will whiten and brighten your skin & teeth. They will detox and rid body of toxins helping aid in weight loss as well.

Lastly…Green Tea & Water…

Drinking your water will definitely show on the outside! It helps keeps skin fresh. It’s will aid with puffy, dark eyes and help keep skin clear. Green tea is proven to be high in antioxidants and help cell growth.

So that brings us to one of my favorite ways to keep my skin beautiful, my favorite detox drink…

-1 glass of water or green tea (matcha)

-2 tbsp apple cider vinegar

-1 tablespoon honey for sweetener

-2 lemon wedges,squeeze the juice into the drink

-2 apple slices added for flavor

You can always incorporate these things in your day without making one big drink. I make sure to always drink water throughout my entire day..add lemon whenever you can. I love teas, so I always have atleast one glass a day with honey. Then just make sure you have a fresh apple for a snack! I’ve grown used to the flavors, so packing into one major drink is fine. I pour over ice or enjoy it hot. Mixing these things in to a smoothie is great too!

I’ll put together some ways to apply these things directly to skin for you lovely ladies as well!

I hope you enjoy! Stay beautiful wonderfuls!!!


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