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The Skinny Pasta Salad…

We all know, our best self really glows when we eat right! This is a staple in our home year round now. It’s a wonderful way to keep lunches simple and healthy. I pack it with veggies so I don’t have to feel guilty when I need a little extra😉 My kids even love it!! It’s inexpensive and quick. So check out this way to spice up your lunch today!

Ingredients: rotini pasta, spinach, pepper, tomatoes, Gorgonzola cheese, Italian dressing, cucumber, bacon bits, fresh herbs and pepper

First boil your pasta & chop your veggies..

Once pasta is drained and cooled…add 2 cups of your dressing, pepper & Italian seasoning or herbs of choice to add a little extra flavor.

Then simply add your bacon, cheese & veggies to the pasta salad and stir. Viola! 


Such a simple way eat right. You can add so much to this or put your own twist on it. For instance, lemon pepper carved chicken..cheese of choice..even more veggies would be perfect!! Store remainder in large bowl in the refrigerator.

Top it off with some lemon water & pair it with some fruit. You’ll be feeling and looking great in no time when you make simple changes to your diet!!

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