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Pumpkin Pie Inspired Manicure…

I love to have my nails themed to either the event I’m attending or my outfit at the least. This year..I have picked out a nail wrap to go along with Thanksgiving! Seriously, I love this time of year! So many festivities!

These lovely nails are all thanks to Jamberry. This wrap is called Pumpkin Spice, of course! I love that I was able to have a fantastic manicure done at home, especially with my busy schedule this week. I love how the orange fades into the gold glitter😍

It was my first time trying it out actually. I love all the different themes they have. The trick is in the application. I advise taking your time to ensure the wrap is lined up properly on the clean nail bed. Have a good nail file on hand to make sure the wrap is trimmed perfectly to prevent snagging.

This was right after applying and trimming the wrap down just a little. So as you can see, it can get pretty precise and comes with different sizes if one doesn’t quite match up with your nail bed.

Feel free to ask any questions or let me know if you have any better tips! Glad I finally tried these out and can’t wait to do the Christmas ones! If you would like to browse them or need a consultant check out Heather! She’s very friendly and would love to help!

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