A Little Tender Love & Care for the Hair…

I needed some serious hair therapy after cuddling my new little babe for nearly a month! I have seriously neglected the tresses. So what better way to freshen things up???!! I decided on a lovely new hue.
I had already lightened my dark hair over summer, so when I decided on a rich burgandy color, I knew it would definitely be vibrant. Perfect for Fall/Winter!! The best part about this, I’m starting the process at home. Since I’m not one for highlights usually, I can get away with a solid,at home color, pretty easily most of the time.. I chose this…

Garnier Nutrisse Ultra Color in Deepest Intense Burgandy…$8.99

As you can see, definitely different depending on the lighting. The first picture is purely sunlight and picture above was inside. It gave my hair a wonderful conditioning. I recommend it most definitely.

Sorry no fancy pictures here!! Just a tired momma bear slowly coming out of hibernation.

Since my hair is so long and was much lighter will be a process. I’ll be getting back to my darker shade over time too.For now, I’ll enjoy my lovely fun shade!


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