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H&M Holiday Fashion Haul…

Holy H&M Holiday Sales!!! I was getting some Christmas  shopping done this weekend and came across some amazing deals for myself too! Most stores, this time of year, have an out of the world clearance section. Not to mention, a ton of deals. Naturally I could’ve bought up a ton at every women’s clothing store…but today I opted in to once place that had so many deals I couldn’t decide. Cost was about $100 for over 10 items..including a peacoat!!

To get started, the clearance jewelry was insane. They have to make way for the New Year’s line…Most of these pieces ranged from 12.99 and up originally..I was getting them for as low as $3.00!! All of this was about $30 and there was a plethora of styles…


The adorable winter accessories…they had some clearance winter headbands and deals on mittens…so so cute…cost for both $8.00…

Now the sweaters.. I love the quality and look of an over-sized sweater in winter…dress them up or down…they are a must, especially here in the Midwest and we know how to style them for sure.. I grabbed these for both for $35 on sale.. I even grabbed a basic white shirt to wear under these for only $9.99 that would equally look amazing on its own if I were to get too warm…

$25 peacoat!!!! They have it in a ton of colors…including Olive❤️

They also had a ton of cute holiday gear and we grabbed up this cute Christmas necklace that had interchanging charms that included snowmen, Christmas tree, candy cane and so on!! Cost was only $10

So whether you’re looking for gifts or to add to your Winter Fashion..H&M has some really great deals right now!! I’ll update when I have had the chance to style these pieces.

Happy Holidays!!


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