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Starting Fresh…

Hi everyone!

With this New Year, I have had so much going on already. We had a new baby and with that came some health concerns for me. Things were a little worriesome for a bit for us but things are finally all better!! We are planning a new home and just so much more. As if that wasn’t enough to keep a girl busy! However, my hubby has left me in charge of creating our dream home. It’s been a really fun process for the both of us.

So this winter has been all about bonding with the baby, healing myself and expanding! I couldn’t be more excited. I am ready to reconnect and start sharing lovely things with you lovely people.

All I have on my brain is bows and where to put the perfect pillows. So I wanted to start getting advice and sharing some of my favorite things!

I’ve really been wanting a fresh vibe in the new place…I want full on glam but I want it to be cozy. I’m rocking a family a five, so I have to be practical considering 3 of the members are under 3!!!

My Pinterest is on overload and I can’t stop making inspiration boards! Have I mentioned how obsessed with Kate Spade I am?!!

I’ve been following some great blogs too and it’s inspiring to see so many creative visions on such lovely homes to relate to. It can be time consuming so it’s nice to find the joy in it and seeing others having a fun time with it too. Wish me luck!

I can’t wait to catch up on everyone’s blogs! I hope that all is well with everyone and very glad to reconnect!

11 thoughts on “Starting Fresh…”

  1. You just inspired me to create post about my inspiration for a new place and new start ! I will be more into details tho as I already picked what I want ( at least for a start ) 🙂 Love Your blog and style !

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