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Healthy Lunch Time: The Fresh Five Minute Taco Salad and Citrus Smoothie…

I think a quick fresh lunch is something we all look over far too often. We feel so busy that we’d rather binge eat fake food then just take the extra 5 minutes to prepare something good for the body. Trust me, I’m guilty too! So what I like to do is meal prep some of my favorite meats & seasonings, then pile up it up with all the fresh veggies I can find.

Meal prepping, I feel, is the absolute key to healthy eating. Not all of us have a great desire to cook or have time. I mean, I’m breastfeeding while also making sure toddlers don’t terrorize the house and each other. I only eat out when I just am exhausted or don’t have time and that’s often! So if I have all the things prepped I always opt to create something.

Now, it’s no secret I love Mexican food. It is flavorful and has the opportunity to be extremely healthy when prepared right. So my one of my favorites…Taco Salad!

First stop, prepare the natural beef using homemade taco seasoning or a lower sodium natural option of possible…store in fridge so that you have it ready for the week!


Seasoned Protien of choice

Diced amount of preference, Yellow Pepper & Red Pepper

Diced Avocado, amount of preference 

Romaine Lettuce



Diced Tomato

Black Beans


Natural Salsa and lowfat tablespoon of sour cream for dressing

I use my leafy greens as the base then just grab a little of each and toss it all on top. Then mix it all up!

I also love to sip on a smoothie, as much as I love a big sweet tea or soda. But I save the latter for treats!! Again, have easy fruits and veggies on hand and just throw in your faves together when you’re ready. Right now, I’m loving a citrus based mix!

Citrus Based Smoothie Ingredients:

1 cup ice

1 fresh lemon juice and zest the skin as well for added nutrients .. 

1 cup spinach

1 banana 

1 cup pineapple

Then I use a little apple juice 

Fresh and easy..So if you need a pick me up or a fresh new meal to rotate…this one is fabulous! Even my burger loving hubby approves!!

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