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The Perfect DIY Vase & Spring Floral Arrangement…


Finally! Flowers are blooming, the sun is shining and it’s time to get working in the garden again. This time of year, I adore having fresh flowers and plants in the home. It purifies the air and creates a charming atmosphere. However, I love creating a floral arrangement that can last. So I like to tuck away a fake arrangement in places to give some space some color!! I had to get to work on some over this last weekend!!

Enter your favorite fake flower shop, such as Hobby Lobby or Michaels…I love to wait on 50% on flowers to score the most items.


There you will find some awesome deals and can cluster together some coordinating items based on your color scheme.


I then just took a lovely gold striped vase I had and got to work. (I snagged a deal on this beauty awhile back..only $13 at a discount store similar to TJMaxx) Then, I spray painted some mason jars gold to go along with my theme in my daughter’s room and bathroom and tucked away the rest of the remaining flowers in to those.





So there’s the beauty I created. I placed these away in some darker corners of different rooms. I usually tend to place fresh flowers in living room and kitchens. But I do love to see flowers everywhere! So this helps my addiction a bit😝

Oh and that cute little white table??? That’s a DIY project I’ll be sharing too so stay tuned!!

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