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DIY Glam Wooden Coasters…


Working on our new home has been so much fun and exhausting! We have long been settled in but I have been relaxing and enjoying the warmer weather with my family.  Can you blame me though?! Staying home with my children is the biggest blessing & I love having more space with my beautiful babes. Also, I’m so caught up in crafting, cooking and getting outside as much as possible. So my apologies on writing so few and far between!!!

This is one of my most favorites things I redid for the new home. I have been going through all my old things getting them painted and glamming them up.

Here’s what you’ll need…costs about $15

•Acrylic Spray

•Craft wood rounds 

•Mod Podge

• Craft paint and glitter color of choice 

•Paint brushes 

-First… I painted a light grey tint on to the coaster for background color…

-Once dry..(craft paint is pretty fast to dry) I then took a sponge brush and put a layer of Mod Podge on…

-Quickly sprinkle the glitter on to the wet Mod Podge…

-Repeat last two steps until desired amount of glitter.. Then put a final coat of Mod Podge when done to seal last layer of glitter

-Lastly spray with acrylic to seal and create waterproof barrier

**** I used the craft store coupons that are always offered for 40% off items. This is what can make the wood rounds cheaper!! 


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