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Beauty Spotlight: The Many Wonderful Uses of Almond Oil

With summer upon us, most of us are scrambling to get our bodies in to shape and getting that summer glow. I know I am! I did some serious slacking in the skincare department recently. When I came across the benefits of almond oil once again, I was sold. Plus this bottle was only $5.99!!!!

I repeat…$5.99….

Let’s start with my favorite:

•Helps eliminate dark circles beneath eyes…

•Anti-aging, anti-wrinkle

•Improves overall complexion

•Conditioning hair treatment or detangler…

•Hydrates dry skin

•Hair Loss Treatment

•Soothes dry lips

•Eczema relief


•apply directly so dry skin or mix with cocoa butter or coconut oil

•add a few drops to water and mist on to face and hair for nightly treatment

•using your ring finger, apply directly to under eye area twice a day for atleast two weeks 

•apply directly to lips with a little sugar for a scrub

•apply a little oil to dry hair  before shampooing and allow to sit as deep conditioning treatment to help hair grow ***bonus: mix with coconut oil .. Smells divine and helps shine!

That’s right ladies…venture over to the health aisle of your favorite store and pick this up. Located next to essential oils usually.

My complexion has never looked better! Trust me, I am sleep deprived busy momma bear who has had no time this last winter to focus truly on me.

Now that I’m taking that extra time to pamper myself and get in shape, this product has done wonders in the matter of days folks!! My hair is soft, my face is glowing and my overall skin is radiant.

No harsh chemicals… No extra money… Plain and simple greatness!!!!

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