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The Best DIY Hair Growth Mask…

A few months back, I chopped a lot of my hair off. I prefer long hair but I seriously neglected it for so long that I had to start fresh. So this time around I’m making sure to get my tresses some lovin. Between babies, top knots and summertime… I was in need of a major deep treatment. So I came up with my miracle working hair mask.


My Almond Rose & Coconut Hair Mask

  • 1 tablespoon coconut oil
  • 1 teaspoon rose water
  • Few drops of sweet almond oil

Melt down the coconut oil to liquid form if needed. Combine all ingredients in a bowl or mist bottle then apply and comb through your hair. Let sit for 1-2 hours or leave on overnight for intense moisture.

This stuff works wonders. If my hair is frizzy, dry and the color is faded…this is my go to. You will see immediate results. The combination of these things tame frizz, restore moisture and leaves hair shiny and soft.

I am so guilty of the top knot torture. With three kiddos and being a stay at home mom, it’s so easy to toss my hair up all day for days time to repair.

You can find all these oils in the vitamin health food section of any store. Usually around $5 or so a piece. My trick is that I shop in the food aisles. I get the store brand organic version of coconut oil. I buy my rose water in the ethnic food sections. It can run around $10 but if you buy in the food can be as low as $1.50!!! Just make sure it has just water and rose. And my almond oil I buy near the vitamins still.

These are great oils to have around your house. They are used widely in so many beauty products and having them on hand helps create your own products. These things works wonders on their own.

Once you have used the mask..Simply rinse clean after. No need to condition. Blow dry and style. The first day after wash your hair will feel thicker and have zero frizz.  This helps keep my hair from splitting so that it can grow and grow and grow!!!

Do be careful though! Over using can leave hair a little oily. I use about once a week or a few days in a row when not doing much. Plus keep in mind your hair length and texture.

You don’t have to drown your hair in this. I like misting in to my hair ends so that I don’t have any greasy residue left over on my roots. Try it out!! You will not be disappointed!!!

****This doubles as an amazing lotion for dry skin! Rose water alone is great for your face! I use it all over.


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