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The Best Dupe Lotions.. Timeless Skin


Ok guys…I have been trying a lot of new products out and just keeping up on my old favorites. So I’m going to be doing a segment on my must haves!! They cost a fraction of some of everyone’s favorites and will not disappoint! (Atleast I wasn’t!) I can’t wait to share my favorite things with you all but I must start here…

First up…the lotions. I’ve used so many over the years..most of them are great..but St. Ives Collagen & Elastin Timeless Skin Face Moisturizer is amazing. It’s simple, creamy & smells great.  It is not too oily…I have oily/combination skin and this does wonders. Reduces & prevents fine lines and wrinkles to keep skin looking young. It gives a naturally stunning glow. And the best part…$5!!! Cmon..we love it already right?!

Next up the body lotion of the same nature…all the same great qualities. Smells fresh and clean. Now they have changed from a creamy substance to more of a liquid texture but still great lotion! Gotta keep our skin fresh, perky and glowing hot mommas!! Again…at Target for $5!!!!

I’ll talk about St. Ives now and forever. They have great simple products that work…so many love the apricot scrub..myself included..and a lot of other amazing products, like these, I don’t hear much about anymore! So give your skin a refresher!! For $10!!!! Hope you love it like I do!!

Xo 💕

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