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My Current Favorite Hair Care Products…




Alright…I’ve been testing everything from nail polish to body lotions to bring to you the overall best products you can find in the aisles anywhere…You can thank my love of Target for these articles…but these truly are fantastic products I recommend as much as some of the higher end contenders.

My Favorite Shampoo & Conditioner…


Loreal Ever Pure Shampoo & Conditioner…This leaves hair feel so soft and flexible. No harsh washing, so there’s a fresh clean scent with great shine. I couldn’t believe my hair after using this. I was shocked how great it was honestly. It felt like new hair!!!  I swear by this now. $5.99 each

My Favorite Dry Shampoo…


-Clariol Hair Food Dry Shampoo…Okay…I tend to have fine oily hair, so sometimes it’s better to spritz a little mousse and dry shampoo in my roots to get some volume over tons of hair spray etc..In most cases, I’ll use just this and a little tease…my hair holds up and smells amazing. $9.99-$11.99

My Favorite Hair Serum…


-Organix Weightless Healing Dry Oil…Argan Oil is so great for hair and hair growth. There’s no greasy residue from this. Great scent and leaves hair silky smooth. Works wonders for growing hair by protecting the strands!!! $5.99

These are what I’m using regularly now. My hair is healthy and that’s important for trying to grow out hair. All of these are worth a good shot and an amazing steal!!!!


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