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DIY Design Pumpkins & Donut Pumpkins…

We love painting pumpkins in this house!!

The kids are too little to carve, so we like getting creative and finding things the tots can help out with! My favorite spot to get supplies is Target! These studs shown are $2.00…Acrylic paint is usually $.75-1.50ish. Basically, nothing is over a few dollars a piece…

I Supplies:

  • Cat ears $1
  • Paints $.75-1.50 each 
  • Glitter $1 each
  • Pumpkins..I got these white beauties at a local pumpkin patch 
  • Studs $2 each 
  • Paint Brushes

Get creative! You can wash the pumpkins in bleach beforehand to clean and preserve. I don’t always but it helps. Let paint fully dry before laying another paint color…apply glitter to glue or wet paint. You can apply Mod Podge when done to help with weather elements.

For the donut pumpkins we used tiny ones…let base coat dry and use fine thin paint brushes to get the sprinkles! 

The kids picked their designs this year and I love them! So glad it’s something we can do together and they look forward to painting pumpkins each year now. Hope you like and can’t wait to see everyone’s pumpkins this year!!

We will have more for Thanksgiving!

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