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 The Cozy Holiday Gift Guide…

If your like me…then snuggles are on the top of your “To Do” list this Winter. Nothing is better than some cocoa and cuddles. So here are some of my favorite things I have bought recently or can’t wait to get!!! Perfect stocking suffers too! All items are linked to their pictures loves!

                  Threshold Throw Blanket-Target $22-$30
Target Throws are amazing. The price is perfect and the quality is great. So many choices!!! So you really cant go wrong with gifting nice & neutral blankets in Winter.

Victor & Rolf Flowerbomb Perfume – Nordstrom $55
This is my favorite perfume. I like to spritz a little on after a shower, even on a Saturday where I know I’m just lounging with family. It’s delicate and good for any occasion. Yes please!

A Cozy Coloring Cookbook – Amazon
This is a coloring book to go along with another book on this list…I have yet to get this but it’s adorable for those cozy, chill nights. So give the gift of adorable homemaker entertainment. $11

Blanket Scarf -Amazon
I love blankets scarfs for many reasons. They can be worn many different ways. They double as home decor. They are also blankets when in need…need I say more? Plus the price makes it a top contender for any giftable event.

Victoria’s Secret Flannel PJs
Buffalo plaid is a great design for anything. Victoria’s Secret Pjs are just plain awesome. They hold up for years!!! I own many pairs of these, in many comfy!!! And what girl doesn’t want cute jammies to wear to bed. They come in all different styles for anyone’s preference. $39.50-$54.99

                  The Year Of Cozy – Amazon $16
The Year of Cozy is one of my favorite things to dive into during a long weekend home. It’s 100% relatable. The recipes and crafts are elegant yet doable. Ladies…We all need this book…Great for the Hostess in your life.

Victoria’s Secret Cozy Socks $12
Cozy socks…literally that’s their name..are you truly comfortable at home without your cozy socks….probably not..It’s winter…suit up!

Marshmallow Fireside Candle -Bath and Body Works $12.50-$22
Candles from Bath and Body  Works are a current obsession we all love. While they all are amazing..Marshmallow Fireside is my favorite. I keep one in my bedroom and living room. Perfect gift for anyone!! But I must say I stock up on many scents. Can’t go wrong with these.

Kate Spade Stud Earrings – Kate Spade starting at $32
Kate Spade can do no wrong. Especially when it comes to adorable and affordable studs. They come in many sparkley colors and sizes too. Any girl would be over the moon to see these in her stocking! These make me feel gorgeous when I don’t feel like loading up on makeup & jewelry.

52 Lists For Happiness – Amazon $10
The 52 Lists Project is one of my favorite past times. It’s weekly journaling to keep you feeling inspired and organized emotionally. So I am so excited to try this new book.  I think this is the perfect gift and it keeps on giving.

Travel Mugs and Tumblers – Bando $14-$18
Mugs are usually a staple at Christmas time. But Bando takes it to a new level. All their designs are so lovely. The cups hold up wonderfully as well. I have quite a few of these and their tumblers. But this new gold one is divine! I say it’s the perfect gift.

The Magnolia Story – Amazon
Books are kinda, sorta a major part of life right? And who doesn’t love these two. The Queen of Cozy herself! So get this for any Fixer Upper addict looking for a fix. I can’t wait to get my hands on this!

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