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You are Lovely…


It’s so beautiful out today. It’s one of those days where things fall in to place and your heart is happy. Don’t get me wrong, I have my dark moments, days…weeks before!! But one thing I have what you love and love what you do.

Have you ever been judged or completely misunderstood? It’s almost worse than actually be wrong or guilty! Because there’s nothing to fess up to or learn. And it will bring you down quicksand…if you let it. I have been there. I felt jaded. I had little hope or trust in people. I felt like a bad person even though I was not being shown in a clear light. I let other people tear me down. People who knew nothing about me. But then I decided to build myself back up instead..

There will always be something out there in your way. Most times…it’s just yourself. When I started this blog…I wanted to spread joy. I was going through a very hard time in life with some people and this was a creative outlet. I never wanted a woman to feel the way I had. Or anyone for that matter…

So I vowed to be the light…to be a good person..and to raise my kids to be kind.  I prayed…I picked myself up. I vowed to not ever let anyone’s judgment of me ever dim my light within again. I will not ever let someone speak ill of my family or take credit for our blessings again.

Another family saw my little family eating ice cream one day during and they came over and said they could see my husband and I’s sadness, during this difficult time we endured..They sat there and asked to pray with us to be strong. That felt amazing. This family reminded me that good people are still out there. It was just a small gesture from a stranger to tell me that I am good enough for this world. And so..I did something I always wanted to..started this blog…so that I could get that joy back and inspire others.

I know I write a lot about beauty products…we all have our interests. But I want women to feel beautiful from all walks of life. With whatever they can afford or be. We can feel beautiful in our skin ..with very little…

I truly believe beauty comes from within. We shine when our souls shine…the designer purses and high end makeup is just fun and does not make us. Our clothes do not make us.

A smile from one another spreads more hope than some people care to think about & that’s what inspired me today. With all the talk of good versus evil these days, I just want to remind people what this world is really meant to be….beautiful.

So I gathered up my favorite inspiration boards of quotes and I wanted to share them with you all! Because we all just want to feel loved and special…and we are. We all just want to feel the sunshine on our face and in our spirit.

You know that feeling when you close your eyes and just feel the burn of the sun?! Corny I know…but it feels damn good. That’s how we need to make each other feel. Be the light!!!!

We as women…as people…need to be more tolerant. There is no better person. We all have felt the burn of judgement and it sucks. So don’t do it. Do not judge. Major No No…

So let nothing stand in your way. We can make the best of anything if we just allow ourselves. I want any of my readers to know that. It doesn’t matter what cars we drive..where our lipstick came from…all that matter is that we feel happy with what we have. Surround yourself with people who lift you up..not bring you down.  This is all for fun! And I love it. I never want anyone to feel inadequate. It’s why I try to be relatable and show some of our favorite things can be sitting right in front of us if we just let ourselves see it.

I just wanted to reflect on this past year. This has opened doors to friendships and so much more. It’s great seeing everyone giving goals a shot. I am still learning and loving every minute!

All photos came from Pinterest and not my own! They can be found there! Lovely designs💕

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