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Relaxing Rose Body Scrub…

Who doesn’t love beautiful skin?! And I love a good at home spa night. So making my own natural remedies is one of my favorite things to do! There’s a ton of great stuff on the market but I like to use as little chemicals as possible, plus making your own can save a ton of money. So if I am in need of a serious glass of wine and a bath at night.. this is my classic scrub to smell sweet and feel refreshed!!


  • One drop Lavender oil
  • Three Tbsps Rose Water
  • 1/4 Raw Cane Sugar

It’s that simple. I scrub on problem areas that are rough & need exfoliating. The smell is so delicate and relaxing. You can add more ingredients if you need a complete all over scrub. Or if you want to add to your bath for extra soft skin!! There you have it. 

Check your health food section or vitamin section of any store to get these items. You’ll have enough scrubs to last a long time for less than $10 usually! 

Enjoy my wonderfuls! I hope you enjoy. I’ll be enjoying my bath tonight with this little concoction now! Goodnight all!!

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