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10 Fun Facts About Me..

Hi there! Ok..I haven’t done this yet with you wonderful readers. It helps us identify with one another & what is better than that!? So let me pull back the curtain and tell you some fun facts about myself…Family

  1. Tennessee Raised/Midwest Living…that’s right..I’m a southern girl at heart but I have actually been living in Indiana for some time now and my husband is from here. Tennessee will always be my hearts home and it’s where we will end back up one day. The mountains bring me joy! But I love my Small-Big City I live in now..there’s amazing food here and plenty to do! I will let you know the hot spots to visit in an upcoming Vacation post!
  2. Music Obsessed…I used to get in trouble for watching MTV when I was 4 years old. (Back when music videos actually played on MTV..) I love music. I listen to anything truly..but my favorite would definitely have to be on the Rock side.. 90s is amazing…but my favorite is Led Zeppelin. If you need to get hype for anything..hiking, working out, even just some grocery store motivation..Zeppelin does the job..they even have melodic tunes for the down times. Also, have you really lived if you haven’t made eggs and coffee while listening to Bob Marley on a Saturday morning while your family giggles in the background?! It’s life changing.. I think every human should have to listen to Bob Marley every single day…world changer..
  3. Stay at home mother & wife…If I’m being honest, marriage and kids was never a top priority for me…but my husband changed that in a frenzy. I knew when I met him that this would be it for me. We are no perfect match by all means but we adore our simple life and our amazing kids. I had three babies in 3 short years..two sons and a girl. Ages 3,2 & 1!! I love it. They my make heart happy and life so fulfilled. Being a good mom is now my number one job in life..
  4. Coffee & Antiques…not to be cliche but I have loved coffeehouses since I was child.  It reminds me of my family. There was the smell of fresh coffee in everyone’s home when the day was new. We love quaint little places, so I was always in and out of different coffee shops and antique shops growing up. I have always liked a little sentimental clutter even though I’m a minimalist at family is full creative types so I have never really enjoyed the squeaky clean, brand new stuff…I prefer something old fashioned or homemade!
  5. Reality Tv…I know… I thought my love for it would end after Laguna Beach but it kept on growing..& then the world gave us Lisa Vanderpump and The Deckers…so I cannot look away. And Fixed Upper is everything!!!!
  6. Old Lady Heart…this may be obvious by now.. but I prefer a good hand knitted blanket and a day in the garden more than anything. My home is my haven. It’s where I can snuggle up with a good book and a cup of tea & just watch my children playing in the backyard talking about honey bees. I feel like I’m on vacation in these moments. I still love pen and paper and love old telephones.
  7. Born again Christian…my religion never left my heart but I didn’t let it run my world in my young adult years. God is good and always listened and worked miracles for me.
  8. Chilli Cheese Fries and Mozzarella Sticks… I am a bit of a health nut.. but I have a weakness for a Big Frosty Soda & Chilli Cheese Fries. I live for Summer festivals and all the greasy goodness. I could eat mozzarella sticks every day. Ugh so hungry now…
  9. Parks…This is our favorite past time. We load up the Jeep and just spend an entire day out at all the parks we can visit. We had our kids so close together so vacations never really worked out for awhile. So we really got good at making mini staycations in our city or around it. It’s a lovely way to save money or just enjoy a simple day. We put up the phone and just have a good time with the babies. But.. we are ready to start travel again now that kids are older..
  10. Blogging for fun…when I started this it was just an experience to try since I had been a stay at home mother for awhile. I mainly started because I felt like everyone was always asking where I got things like my clothes and how I did my hair & makeup. So it was a fun idea I had to meet new people. But eventually I was exhausted from such close pregnancies and trying to learn photography and web design. So I only did a few blogs this last year but I am really ready to pick it back up and have some fun! Still learning but I love meeting new people and have fun doing this.

I hope you enjoyed getting to know some basics about me! I will be doing more fun facts in different categories as a new segment here this week…so stay tuned! Let me know more about you guys too!!! Xoxo! My children were not amused with this picture below but we love it! Us on the reg…

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