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Top 10 Favorite Feel Good Movies…

With all this warm Spring weather here, it’s nice to get home and kick the feet up after a long day at the parks and watch a movie with the hubby. Or when this Spring rain kicks in and ruins your park day…Or heck, sometimes you just need a good laugh to shrug off negative vibes! So I’ve gathered a list of some of my all time favorite movies that send me off to la-la land with a perfect balance of comedy and untroubled delight. Also great movies for an at home date night!

1. Something’s Gotta Give

This perfect duo, of Diane Keaton and Jack Nicholson, was a major score in my movie bank. I have watched this so so many times… I think it’s beautifully written and wonderfully acted out. It’s set in the Hamptons, so the scenery is light and airy most of the movie. Watching these two misfits fall in and out and back in love is a funny ride.

See also- “It’s Complicated”

2. 50 First Dates

 Ok, how can you not love Drew & Adam together??!! But I have to choose this movie with Summer near. Set in Hawaii, so watching it takes you on a little mini vacation and the Adam Sandler wit always makes for a good giggle. Love!

See also- “The Wedding Singer”

3. Breakfast At Tiffanys 

This may be my favorite. I mean cmon..timeless. Completely timeless. I know it’s a book and this movie version differs from the book a bit, but I adore Audrey Hephburn and what she does with Holly Golightly. I think it actually sends out a great message to appreciate what we have and to never run from love. No way you can watch this and not get all the feels.

See Also- “Casablanca”

4. Pride and Prejudice 

Another classic retold. I’m a bit of a sucker for classic literature but I do not always have time to read the way I wish. So movie adaptations are my jam! I even have the soundtrack to this one. I named my daughter after a character too. Forever one of the greatest love stories!

See Also- “Baz Lubrmann’s The Great Gatsby, Great Expectations”

5. Wet Hot American Summer 

Alright so I kinda like to think of Summer when I go to my happy place okay?! This one is full of comedy legends and pure gold. I have a thing for nonsensical comedy and this is that and more. Watch this group of nutty camp counselors if you need a good laugh! But be prepared…it can get a little goofy/raunchy. So if you’re not ok with that this one isn’t for you.

See Also- “Dazed & Confused, Caddyshack”

6. Forgetting Sarah Marshall

Hawaii here again! Ok..this is my favorite most recent comedy. I’m still quoting it to this day.  Hilarious tale of sad boy meets girl while juggling the evil ex girlfriend.  Perfection!

See Also- “The 40 Year Old Virgin”

7. The Big Lewboski

Zany, quirky and bold. The Dude abides. Watch this if you want to forget about the entire world because it will demand your undivided attention to follow The Dude on his wild ride of mistaken identity. Seriously, another nonsensical beautiful mess….And John Goodman..need I say more?!

See Also- “There’s Something About Mary”

8. Joe Dirt

I probably have laughed way too hard at this movie. So many one liners here. I can’t even deal with how funny this movie was to me in my younger years. My Tennessee roots appreciate all of this. Must have a big sense of humor to get the beauty of it…But it’s full of adventure too, as misfit Joe tries to find his family.

See Also- “Tenacious D in the Pick of Destiny”

9. Marie Antionette

The tragic tale of a young queen but I adore Sofia Coppola’s take on this. It’s visually stunning and the soundtrack still has a major fan out of all Coppola films.  It doesn’t get into the nitty gritty downfall of the kingdom during the French Revolution but rather just focuses in on how she was trying to live her life in a world unknown to her. Give me all the cakes please!!!

See Also- “Little Women”

10. Eat Pray Love

Eat. Pray. Love. The three major points to life, if you ask me. I’ve always had major wanderlust. So when I am feeling the itch to travel, I’ll watch this and look up vacation spots for when our little tikes are older. This movie was also an adaptation of a book and a great mini escape!


There you have it. My favorite films in feel good form. There were way too many I loved but this always does the job when I need some downtime. Now don’t mind me.. it’s going to storm & my kids are sleeping, so I’ll be eating Easter candy and watching some of these!!! Happy Spring to all!!!

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