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Why I Blog & The Reason Behind  “Beauty, Grace, Coffee & Lace”…

I want to get a little more personal today since I have recently changed the name of my blog and want you all to get to know me and my purpose a little further!! I have been meaning to do this earlier but let’s face it.. I’ve been caught up in different endeavors. So anywho, here it goes! 

The Reason I Started Blogging…

I started this blog nearly two years ago!! My how time flies…but I started this blog shortly after I became a stay-at-home mother. I was pregnant with a third child and already had two little babes in the two previous years! 
So here I am a mother of two under two and surprisingly pregnant with a third…now when I say surprisingly..I mean my husband and I couldn’t celebrate anything without getting pregnant apparently. ONE night of champagne and martinis=babies. 

I love being a mother most of all but I needed a creative outlet. And I have always been a writer. It runs in the family actually! So with countless journals and recipe books, and blogging on the rise,  I thought ” I can do this too!”. It was a virtual space that allowed me to meet others and get creative. I am not a grammar/spelling wizard or a great photographer but the ideas were there. 

So one day I read and didn’t stop reading until I understood everything about blogging. I jumped around on a few platforms and finally stuck with this one after engaging with some really great women so far. And it’s been a blessing! 

I do not do this for fame, like so many people instantly think when you tell them you Blog. I do not do this out of vanity. My passions have translated themselves through writing. So I just simply enjoy having a platform for it. 

I think so many of us think the grass is greener on the other side. It is not. You don’t like your outdated furniture? Paint it. Can’t afford that high end face mask? Make it. Have an adventure in your own back yard. You feeling me?! 

We hold the key to our happiness is my point. We can make ourselves and homes and our lives whatever we want them to be. We can be happy right where we are.

I believe less is more. Live minimally. Buy the products you know you love or need. Buy things that will match everything. We don’t need the latest bag or the best of everything. But we all have desires and I believe in rewarding ourselves for hard work definitely & enjoying the small things. But again..less is so much more!

 So that’s why I am here doing this. To share my simple treasures. To help others looking for a new project, to connect & to enjoy the little things life has to offer. 

My life is far from perfect. There are days where I don’t get out of my pjs and fall asleep just trying to get my kids asleep! My marriage has flaws, my kids can overreact & there are days where I’m sure I’m failing. But I do not focus on the bad. I do this to focus on the good.  

Blogging has a beautiful side and an ugly under belly. The hashtagging, the lack of support, people trying to take credit or think you are here as a copycat are all some the downfalls. But the real beauty of it outweighs those things. There are wonderful women and men all looking to share their voices and inspire others. Many of us just want there to be happiness in the world! 

And I really do try to post as much as possible. With three children all in the toddler years, I find myself on the less creative side of life sometimes. But I am happier. If they are happy I am happy.

 Now that leads me to my name change...

Beauty, Grace, Coffee & Lace…

Truth be told, almost everything I thought of was taken. So in a frenzy and out of exhaustion (bad combo) I choose this name..long I know!! But it meant something to me. It just popped into my head when I was jotting down what this blog was about and it had a ring to it. So I picked it.
I had based everything off of my own name at first here. And when the creepers rolled in, they rolled right into my personal social media I was using. Now I am no famous face, so I had to make sure I was protecting pictures of my children and us. Sad, I know!! But I cooled it down on media and took a break. I have been quietly changing everything up and feel so much better about it all now.  

I meant this be something I could share with friends and family mainly. And all of you who have joined along for the ride are a blessing! And I thank you. God has plans for us all Dolls!! 

So back to the name…

Beauty- this was oringally just a fun beauty blog for me to keep records of things I was doing and able to share it easily when someone wanted to try it out. 

Grace-  I never felt the need for marriage and kids. In fact I didn’t feel the need for much at all in my younger years. I stumbled through relationships and jobs that left me feeling empty. I didn’t think having my own big,loving family was in my cards. But my husband changed all that for me when we met. My newfound love and children led me back to Grace. A peaceful feeling and understanding of God’s plans. The need for change was replaced by the happy contentment that was parenting. 

Coffee- um duh…who doesn’t like coffee?! I have mentioned before my love of coffee shops at an early age. So coffee is home to me. But I imagine this blog as one big coffee chat between friends. Where we can catch up and share each other’s ideas…plus I write about food and this kinda-sorta  fit the bill there 😉 

Lace- all things girly..sign me up! I don’t care. I’m going to talk about all the frilly things I can. Because why not?! I love clothes. Vintage clothes are the best. Fashion is fun. When I find a piece of clothing I love, I wear the shit out of it. It’s how I roll. 

Now I feel like I have said all I had to say for now! Plus, my children will wake up from their naps soon..begging for something I’m sure…so duty calls for this happy momma!  I enjoy you all  so much and will be back shortly with some more DIY things I have worked on this past week! Xoxo!! Have a wonderful night Loves!!

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