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Managing Motherhood..One Day At A Time…

The absolute greatest compliment I get, sometimes, is how I seem to keep it together as a mom. Well I don’t..duh. But when I do it feels amazing to hear. My kids can literally bounce off the walls sometimes, I swear. There are days I’m sure I’m disappointing them and I imagine if someone saw me as the stressed out, yelling mess with the peanut butter stained tshirt and hand puppets, that they would think I was officially crazy and run.  

Those are the days that are the hardest. Am I not playing enough? Should I be focused on activities more? Less Trolls? More Trolls?! Montessori? No, play doh will definitely help..that’ll make them calm down right?? Ok, I bought myself 5 minutes with that playdoh..what next? Dang, they are ripping the blinds down again! (Insert crazy text to my husband here about how I am taking the night off to read and he needs to clean something)

So, if you don’t know, I have three very little toddlers. Amazing, adorable, sweet children. But like all children they behave like wild animals some days and there is just no winning. We still need to keep trying..but we know deep down they see the defeat..they smell a pack of Gremlins that kept their Mogwai looks. 

My middle son is great at smelling my defeat. He knows my sense of humor…he literally gives me The Rock eyebrows and mimics what I am yelling, silently, but adds in the word “poop” after every sentence…and I just can’t even hide how cute I think it is. Terrible, I know.  But gosh those blue eyes make me melt! 

My oldest is very heartfelt. He is going through a defiant stage because he sees his little sister getting away with slobbery slurs and his brother’s winning comedy he feels like being the smart, big brother isn’t fun. So I naturally feel for my big intellectual boy. He is on verge of his fourth birthday and can name every planet in order, numerous dinosaurs, continents, climates..the kid loves to learn. I deeply strive for him to appreciate his worth in our family, so he knows being smart is an amazing quality too.

That leaves my youngest, my little darling girl. She is as sweet as cupcakes and loves me more than she loves Princess Poppy and that is saying A LOT! I’m her favorite person on this Earth and that feels great. She is my little cuddle monkey.

So as you can see, my children definitely have redeeming qualities that I, as a mother, adore. But yes.. there are bad days!! Oh gosh..yes. I have been called so many things in my day, good and bad, but the one thing I love being called guessed it…mother. 

The best trick to Motherhood is see it as a blessing…because it is. When I’m literally gritting my teeth.. mumbling like someone plotting their escape from the insane asylum, as I wipe up the third meal of the day from the kitchen floors….thinking “they done gone and done me dirty”…I have to just stop…and take a deep breath. 

I find the good. I am Blessed to be a stay at home mother.

 My God, how blessed I am to hug my babies all day. There are women who would do anything to be cleaning the spaghetti off the walls and listening to Justin Timberlake all day. So I stop myself in those crazed out moments of temporary insanity..and remind myself to be thankful.

 Are my kids healthy? Yes. Do they love? Yes. Say their prayers? Yes. Appreciate what they have in our home? Yes.  So while the answer may be NO to if they are behaving, I just stay firm & redirect their attention to something new or A NAP…then I  put on one of those 2 hour stress relief Beach scenes that Amazon Prime TV offers and forget about the red sauce walls for awhile. 

Oh and those peanut butter stains on my shirt I mentioned from before, 9 times out of 10 they are from kisses after their snack. So I will gladly ruin the fifth shirt of the day, because they are my children that God handpicked for me. 

One day they will be older and speaking their feelings to me. One day we will all be cuddling in the bleachers of their high school football games drinking cocoa one crisp, Fall night…One day will we all be sitting in the backyard sipping wine, eating dinner & laughing about these crazy toddler years. So enjoy it. Mostly. 

My oldest will be starting school next year and I feel like I just had him. That is how quickly time passes as a Mother. So pretty momma, build the blocks, dance to the Trolls soundtrack and just be. They adore you. 

It’s ok to have bad days. So take a little time…take a bath…read a book.. make a nice meal for yourself..dress up for a coffee and errand something you enjoy too. We will be our best selves when we take care of ourselves.

 It will never be all cupcakes & rainbows but it’s ok to try for that..but also ok to accept life when it isn’t. 

So whether you have a mountain of dishes or your house looks like Joanna Gaines came over and just couldn’t help herself with her decorating abilities…just have fun with it the best you can. Who cares if you in yo dang jammies still at 2 pm?! Not the kids! 

Just Breathe Mommy…

Disclosure: none of the pictures from shows or movies were own clearly..I drank Brangelina Miraval Rosé tonight and these seemed like a good anywho..props to those who created them before thyself..kudos! Enjoy.  And their wine is legit..just in case you need some..

2 thoughts on “Managing Motherhood..One Day At A Time…”

  1. The best trick to motherhood is to see it as a blessing – oh my goodness, yes! I have three boys and when it’s the end of the day and I just can’t stand to be touched one more time, one of them will climb up for a cuddle – and instead of batting them off like I want to, I say ‘oh, what a lucky mummy I am’ and I snuggle into that little boy neck and just breathe. So many people don’t get to do this, I tell myself. Over and over I tell myself how lucky I am to have three such beautiful boys that love me.
    Lovely, lovely post! X

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so, so much! I know what you mean! It can make you feel terrible when you get frustrated. But yes, count the blessings and try to stay calm. I have three, three and under with two of them boys so I know how boys can be! 🙂 hang tight momma!!💕


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