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10 Healthy Habits To Practice Daily For A Huge Impact! 

So you think making small changes won’t make a difference? Think again! While I don’t think we all need to look like runway models, I do think health is majorly important.

I decided to kick things up a notch this year for health reasons and for the fact that I want to set example for the kids. I want to grow old with them, so I’m doing everything in my power to try.

The benefits have been amazing. Here are things I’ve made sure to do daily that made a big difference in my health, weight and fitness routine..

  • 10 Attainable Health Habits To Try Now
  1. Eat Breakfast- this jump starts your metabolism. So you’ll actually burn more calories throughout the day with energy you have from this meal. My favorite is overnight oats, eggs or a great protein packed smoothie.
  2. 15 Minutes of Cardio/HIIT- this will burn calories, keep you in shape, help keep your heart healthy and actually build your endurance. Once you have gotten used to this you can build up to higher amounts. It’s an amazing place to start or to squeeze in if you’re short on time. 
  3. Drink 8 Glasses of Water- look tired? Skin dull? Low energy? Drink water. I have adapted to always having a water bottle with me. I carry it around my house even! Drinking water flushes toxins and keeps your body regulated in all areas. Drinking 8 just helps me make sure I drank enough. I even add in coconut water and lemons, among other things,to my waters to give it flavor
  4. Snack Right-  I love chips. Like seriously was the hardest thing to give up.. But I did it! I make fresh popcorn,smoothies, make my own chips, veggies and hummus, the list goes on and on for snacks. Just skip the soda and candy bar if it’s a daily habit! Chips still make an appearance, but just here and there…
  5. Be Mindful of Ingredients-  I cannot make everything homemade all the time!!! But what I can do is look for better ingredients. Your food should not have an ingredient list almost as long as the box it came in. Doesn’t mean it has to be pricey or even full on organic. Just Real Foods, low sodium, low sugars, healthy oils,no high fructose corn syrup…real food!
  6. Cook with Spices Not Sauces- this was a big one for us. We loved baking and grilling in BBQ or dipping all things in ranch. While you can make your own healthy versions or buy a better version, most of these sauces come packed with sugars and oils. Plus it’s just a lot of calories added on to the meal itself. Try using fresh garlic, herbs & spices to season up the meat to make it so juicy and so good that you don’t need any sauce!
  7. Cut Sugars- Think about the coffee creamer you use or even the cocktail you drink? Probably all different types of syrups that are just slowing you down. The sugars in fruit and dairy are naturally occurring so opt for those when you need something sweet or dark chocolate.  You can use a nondairy creamer with a little sugar but vanilla, cinnamon or honey in your coffee tastes just as great! And try to mix your favorite clear liquor with lime juice, lemons, mint or raspberries & club soda this summer. Or mix up a healthy margarita! No syrups!
  8. Cut the breads- this is another area to watch ingredients. A lot of breads come packed with fake ingredients and high fructose corn syrup even. I choose a natural whole grain bread or skip it altogether. Use lettuce as a wrap!! It’s delicious and still allows you to have a meal in minutes. I make BLTs, hamburgers and sandwiches all using lettuce. It will help cut carbs out!
  9. Cut the cheese- I promise I am not crazy or deprive myself of cheese, but I do cut back now. Use a lighter portion or none at all sometimes. This is another way to keep salads lighter, make tacos healthier and help reduce indigestion and calorie intake. 
  10. Drink Tea & Apple Cider Vinegar- there is a tea for just about everything. I drink tea every day. Matcha Green Tea in the afternoon, chamomile at night! Not to mention the countless amounts I keep in my pantry for just about every ailment. It’s packed full of antioxidants and can help aid in health, digestive and weight issues. I also drink atleast 1 tbsp of ACV a day also..this will balance pH in the body and will have you glowing!!

And lastly, Portion control is major. If you do all things in moderation, a huge difference will be made, rather not minding or paying attention at all. How many times do we just eat and eat because it’s so, so good! Just try to control that feeling.

Trust me…You’ll find us in line for a happy meal or out for late night ice cream runs still.  Heck, don’t get me started on my food truck days!! I just am mindful about what is going on majority of the time. That helped me so much!

I promise these small changes will help. We won’t look like body builders doing just this, but it will help our bodies stay healthier so we have a brighter future! Love you all!

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