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DIY Charcoal Face Mask…

Sephora is one of my favorite stores. You know that scene, in The Sound of Music, where Julie Andrews is ecstatic to be singing atop a mountain…yea, that’s me when I walk in that place. Happiness!!! However, when it comes to face care, I have found natural is best for me, mostly. I have combination skin at it’s finest… Some products over dry…some actually break me out..or some are just too harsh all together. So I have experimented so much with natural products and found its great for any skin condition. No crazy chemicals..just a few simple ingredients.

As you may have seen in my previous posts, I’ve been breaking down some of my favorites, using only the main ingredients. The one I’m about to share, is my Favorite…the best!!! Blackheads suck.. And this will blast those bad boys out of there….

Ok,so sure.. You’re gonna look a little silly smearing this concoction all over..but Activated Charcoal is fantastic for your face. Charcoal absorbs impurities, deep cleans & will help shrink pores by doing so.  This bought in store, will put you out anywhere from $5 to $70+.. So do your self a favor and buy a bottle of Activated Charcoal capsules in the vitamin isle for about $5 instead. (It can also whiten your teeth too!..more to come on that!) They are inexpensive and will last you quite some time…

Ingredients: Activated charcoal capsules, green tea, baking soda 

Step 1: Break about 3-4 capsules open and empty contents into small bowl

Step 2:  Use about 1 tablespoon of baking soda

Step 3: Steep one tea bag of green tea, once that’s ready, use a little of the tea to moisten the powders. Pour a little at a time until you get desired consistency.

Step 4:  Rub mixture on to face, letting it dry and work its magic for awhile.

You can use pure aloe with the charcoal or even a little witch hazel mixed in. I only use baking soda to really clean out my pores, every once in awhile. To use as a teeth whitening paste, just mix charcoal with some water and baking soda and brush for two minutes.

Your pores will be thanking you for this and your wallet!

5 thoughts on “DIY Charcoal Face Mask…”

  1. Thank you for sharing this easy DIY! I have dealt with skin problems my entire life and charcoal type face washes really help my skin a lot! Definitely going to need to try this one out!

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