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Banana+Peach Booty Smoothie + Booty Blasting Workout

I have taken on smoothies this year. I have always included them, but now it’s a part of my daily repetition that I will never give up. I have been working on some great ones to share with you beautiful babes too!

And who wants to perk up for all this Summer fun?! I know I is my favorite go to smoothie perfect for breakfast, a quick meal on the go or after workout nourishment..
Drink this to help get some yummy vitamins & help lose weight! Follow it up with some bootylicious reps below!

Banana + Peach Smoothie..•1 Banana

•1 Peach

•1 cup coconut yogurt

•1 scoop vanilla protein powder

•1 cup almond/coconut milk

•1 cup kale

•1/2 cup cauliflower

Blend and enjoy!!

Now do this routine to perk up that booty!

60 second jumping jacks 

3x 15 jump squats

3x 15 dead lifts 

3x 15 hamstring curls
Happy Summertime y’all!

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