The Beautiful You…A Journey To Self Love

Self Love. It seems easy right? For some of us it is…and some..not so much. Or maybe we teeter somewhere in  between. We all have our good days and our bad. But I want to talk about how to focus on the good.

I know I speak a lot on the topic of beauty products and health. It is what I enjoy. I do wish to be healthy, glowing and all that other good stuff. But I also want to take in the bad stuff and learn from it too.

Beauty is something that I define, not only with my eyes, but with my heart as well. Of course we take in the natural beauty of this world. But we also need to focus on the unseen wonders.

For example, I appreciate food so much because it’s actually somewhat spiritual for me. I love farmer’s markets and raw foods because I believe this food was grown for us to enjoy and eat by God. It is here to nourish us. So I truly feel complete joy cooking up fresh veggies..especially the ones someone worked so hard to grow & share. I feel like I’m doing what God intended. It may be corny, but it’s my truth. I love it! I love the simple things. So it’s why you’ll find me constantly talking about natural foods!

I think it’s Healthy. I think it’s Pure. It’s a lot deeper for me. It’s my passion.

Now let me follow that up with my love for Pasta!! Mmmmm yes. I hate the word fat. I’ve been heavier when I first had kids and I also have been extremely athletic and slender. What I can say is that I learned to love both. As long as I was happy and doing things that made me feel good..weight wasn’t the issue.

Now…complete bad eating habits can lead to tons of health issues though. It’s what lead me here. I was having headaches, dizzy spells and major stomach pains. I couldn’t figure much out with doctors and I am still dealing with some of it.

And sure enough, Doctors eventually told me what I feared all along…my new found love of junk food just wasn’t right for me. I couldn’t eat that way. I wasn’t getting what I needed to thrive as a busy mom. I was even dehydrated.

So it was back on the veggie/yoga train for my big booty. I miss my big booty too. I won’t lie. I had curves I had never seen before and was feeling good about it. But my frame was not supporting the junk intake. I had to cut back. So I did. And I just learned to love health food again. And I learned how to get a booty back with muscle training ;)…I want to be strong & healthy. And strong and healthy will look different on us all.

And I just want to clarify that since I know Health is a big topic here! This is a journey to self love and appreciation.

Eating right feels great. It’s exciting if you let it be. And same for working becomes addictive. Plus, I just have to share what I have learned with you all!

So here are a few ways I practice Self Love every day to feel good inside & out…or just to feel a little better sometimes!

  1. Take a walk/jog/workout…   simple right? Even if going to the gym isn’t part of your schedule (it’s definitely not part of mine right now!) take a walk or workout at home with a big glass of fruit infused water. Just doing this step will make you proud of yourself and keep you inspired to take a healthy step forward.
  2. Make something cute or fancy to eat.. Get out of your comfort zone. Forget Taco Tuesday!  Make something so decadent & pretty, that you can’t wait to share your new snazzy recipe with others. It feels good to have a secret little recipe to bring out at parties or even just for yourself! Brownie points if it involves brownies 🙂 ..all about balance. I love making these…simple but different!
  3. Pick out comfortable/cute clothes or workout gear ahead of time… dudes may not get this, but it works. When you aren’t feeling great, the last thing you want to do is workout or dress up..having visual stimulation works. I love putting on super cute clothes to head to park in for a walk..Whatever…I like it! Give me all the cute strappy things!!! 
  4. Pampering…my fave! Buy a Face Mask, get a magazine and some wine..turn on some music. Bust out your own nail polish or get a manicure. Do you remembering feeling like a Queen when you did this as a little girl? It still works. And dudes…get a massage, take a bath and put on some lotion! Why don’t you guys use lotion?! And do whatever else dudes do to feel cool…Your ladies with be loving the well groomed handsome man standing in front of them when it’s all done. Gotta love a fresh facial..
  5. Wake up early… yes this is kind of implying to go to bed early too…but really. It feels great to sit and have a quiet cup of coffee or eat delicious eggs or whatever you fancy. It gives you private time to reflect alone and sets the whole mood for your day. You won’t feel so rushed and frustrated. Throw in a little stretching too. Mmmmhmmm. 
  6. Read…it doesn’t have to be Shakespeare ok?! Read a magazine, a new book, cookbook, the Bible, devotional, your favorite blog 😜…just stop reading Facebook 24/7. Don’t tell me you don’t read either because we all read social media all day. Read something that sparks your creativity and spirit. 
  7. Make a smoothie…don’t have time to eat a ton of veggies or fruit all day long. No problem, drink it. And there’s so many powders you can add to it for optimal health benefits. I’ll do my own post on that soon. While consuming raw food is best for nutrition value, this will still be a fix.
  8. Reflect on things you’re proud of… not feeling so hot? It happens to the best of us. We all can feel defeated and have moments we’d like to forget…but that’s life. Learn from mistakes but do not dwell on them. We cannot constantly beat ourselves up no matter how much some people encourage us to. We can be proud of who we are and who we were made to be. We all have something wonderful and unique about us that someone else admires. Maybe it’s your talent, grace, humor, strength, depth…no matter what the quality you possess’s there. Focus on that and that only. You will thrive. And if you don’t one day, that’s a good out & allow yourself some time to feel better. Just keep trying/swimming…
  9. Talk… do not message or “like”. Personally call, meet up for coffee, put together a girls night, a challenge or bible study..anything! Connect with people on a more personal level and not just your inner circle. This strengthens bonds. Let the people you enjoy know that you enjoy them. Why not?! You’ll feel good and so will they. This can be hard to do in our era but so rewarding.
  10. Spread Kindness Everywhere… you get what you give right? If youre negative you will most likely get negative given back to you. I swear when I lose my patience, everything goes wrong..Why? Because I’m looking at my day negatively or letting someone/something effect me negatively. Take a deep breath when your kid spits milk at you, when your favorite expensive lipstick melts in the car, or when someone clearly is experimenting with road rage and taking it out on everyone they pass. It’ll all pass. Smile at a stranger, tell someone what you love about them, open a door for someone….Stop judging everything. Talk about what is good and right in the world. Support each other. We are all chasing happiness.  Being kind attracts others to you. 

You gotta keep on loving yourself and staying true to you. Your opinion of yourself needs to a positive one. Do things that bring out the very best in you Babes! Much Love!<
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