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August Instagram Round Up…

Oh August…this really is the last rattle of Summer for me. Tomorrow, I will officially be decorating for Fall and eventually Halloween. So let’s take a trip down memory lane and remember this last sweet, sweet month for SummerTime fun!


My Instagram does not have a theme. This is not my completely personal account either. Just an account I run so I can keep most family photos more private and impromptu on another account. I love blogging and meeting all you wonderful people. I love to keep it real and just have fun and share it all with you Babes!! I share everyday things from recipes I do not post on here, to items I love…. So let us connect on Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest too! Much Love Dolls! Plus, who is super excited for all things Fall?? I’m beyond basic and will be making pumpkin smoothies and burning Bath & Body Works candles in about 24 hrs……

2 thoughts on “August Instagram Round Up…”

  1. I truly loved this post! While browsing through your pictures, I could feel how much fun you had. I absolutely love the mug and pie tin. So adorable!

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