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8 Ways To Fall In Love With Fall…

Ya know….I didn’t always like these last colder months. Shocking if you know me! But I loved Summer. I hated when Fall rolled around because it meant you were stuck inside for months. I then realized, that’s no way to live. So I found fun things I could do each season to make the best of it.

And now after years of having fun with the Holidays, I love it more than any other time. It’s full of family and relaxing..what’s not to love? So if you need help letting go of Summer, I’ll be sharing ways to get you feeling Fall too.

And your home should be your safe haven. Where you feel comfortable, where you can cook or watch a movie and feel completely cozy. I don’t care at all to be “basic” as they say…these little things make me happy!

1. Add some Autumn colors to your beauty routine..I love dark reds this time of year! It’s nice to keep it simple after all the funky Summer colors…

2. Buy a new mug..there’s nothing like sipping a warm cup of coffee, cocoa or cider while cozied up inside…so have a mug collection that you adore.

3. Buy seasonal magazines…if you’re a little lost on what to do for fun or create, these will have your back..

4.Decorate! Even if just a small space..head to Target Dollar Spot or any local store for some cute’ll give you something to look forward to and have fun doing..

5. Get a new sweater or scarf…I love buying way oversized sweaters for this weather. I live in leggings, boots and sweaters..Basic & Amazing!! Target has some great deals right now too.

6. This time of year, I care not to gain a few pounds. Enjoy the baked goods and warms soups with reckless abandon. I stock up on all things pumpkin as well. I keep a little treat jar and yes it does have candy this time of year and not just fresh baked! Extra credit if it’s seasonal candy..

7. Stock up on cozy scents, blankets & socks. I love to have people over to sip spiked cider while dressed in our favorite, comfy best. I have plenty of cozy blankets to go around while we enjoy the sweet smells of vanilla, pumpkin candles. It’s so relaxing and casual.

8. Apple Picking & Pumpkin Patches..enough said. Even without kids, this is still 100% okay to do.

I will have lots of more fun ideas and share our pumpkins for this year like I always do! Can’t wait to see what everyone is doing to prepare for the Holidays…..much love everyone!

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