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Natural Scents For The Home

I love having candles. But with my children’s allergies and such, I am not able to have too many artificial scents throughout the home. It always seems to interrupt their air quality and makes their coughs worse. So I keep candles to a minimum now or just use the best candle options mostly.

Having children was a quick way to learn that fragrance was a bad thing. Their skin would break out, they sneeze and wheeze.

We keep things pretty natural here. I actually prefer the smell of natural soaps and scents so much more now. Nothing better than a freshly bathed babe who smells like honey and lime over chemicals.

But I soon realized soaps weren’t the only problems for fragrance and added chemicals.

My beloved candles and plug ins had to go. But thankfully I have found my favorite way to freshen up the home…

If you don’t have a cool air humidifier that you can drop a few essential oils into…just burn a few things on the stove!

Here’s my favorite scent right now. It is so simple to make and your house will be smelling like a fresh baked pie in no time…and there are a few different ways to achieve it too..

Ingredients for stove stop scent:

  • Orange peels
  • Ground cinnamon
  • Ground clove
  • Ground nutmeg
  • Pumpkin Pie Spice

Bring a small pot of water to a boil and add the orange peels. ( I store my children’s fruit peels in a mason jar throughout the day for this) Once the orange peels have had a few moments to soften up, add all the spices except pumpkin pie. I just sprinkle in a little of each. About 1-2 tsps.

Next, lower heat and let simmer, stirring occasionally.

I like to add a few dashes of pumpkin spice towards the end for an extra burst of scents. Pumpkin Pie Spice is just a mix of these spices and more so it’s nice to add a bit before I take it off the stove.

Add a dash of frankincense or thrive oil too for a stronger scent.

Another way to achieve this smell is simply through essential oils in boiling water or an air humidifier.

Just boil water and add a few drops of orange oil and another oil like frankincense or thrive (which is a blend of a few different oils and smells delightful)

Just watch out for some oils like Eucalyptus when it comes to young children. I use very little Thrive oil when boiling or putting in an air humidifier since it contains Eucalyptus.

I promise you this works wonders though. I usually do this when I’m done cooking dinner. I’ll throw all this on a pot on the back-burner and by the time we are almost done eating you can smell the divine scents filling up your home. Just in time to snuggle up with some Cocoa 😉 Enjoy Loves!

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