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The Timeless Holiday Gift Guide for Kids

Ah that time of year again! Where you’re scoping out all the latest and greatest items to buy your little loved ones

I used to fall victim to all-things-toys when I was a new mom. I thought for sure they’d love it all. I mean how could they not?! They love it when we are at the store…I couldn’t have been more wrong. Those toys were usually always donated after some short time.

Now don’t get me wrong..we have some goodies that have stuck around and made it through each kid. But their favorite things are usually items they can create & pretend with. So now I focus more on that than the coolest new robotic action figure…

Now there are a lot of things we already have ( just like I’m sure you have a lot already too!).. So I’ll share my ideas of some of the classic, best things to buy that will stick around during those playtimes for years to come. They will make great additions to things you may already own or they make great toys that you can add to.

Holiday Gift Guide for Kids

1. Lincoln Logs $20-$50

These will stick around for years! I loved playing with these and our kids love making new homes for some of their small figurines. This bucket is at the top of their Christmas list this year. Include some cute animals & their favorite small action figures to go along with it! You can get smaller versions of this too.

LINCOLN LOGS – 100th Anniversary Tin – 111 All-Wood Pieces – Ages 3+ Construction

2. LEGO Sets $5-$100

This will keep kids entertained for quite some time and always can add their favorite character sets to it as they grow. Classic! We still love the LEGO Duplo Sets too especially for our younger littles. They play with these almost every day and get so creative. It is relaxing item for children too and really keeps them engaged. Great toys!!

I recommend starting with a box set and building baseplate like this oneLEGO Classic Medium Creative Brick Box& Set of 9 Lego Compatible 5X5 Building Boards for the smaller LEGO sets.

And these LEGO Duplo sets are fantastic for beginners….LEGO Pink Duplo Set , LEGO DUPLO My First Cars and Trucks

3. Melissa and Doug Stamp Set $5-20

The possibilities are endless here too. Kids can create their own images of animal kingdoms, princess castles, dino lands & so much more. So grab a big poster board or blank sheets and let them create their own little world to play on. This is something that requires no batteries, is simple and fun. Help them design their own playscape!

Here are my favorites…Melissa & Doug Deluxe Wooden Stamp Set: Animals,Melissa & Doug Wooden Stamps Sets (2): Dinosaurs and VehiclesMelissa & Doug Drawing Pad

4. Board Games $5-25

What great way to spend that cozy holiday break….drinking cocoa, watching the snow fall and playing games with the family! We love games. Especially when the winter gets to be a bit boring, these can lighten the mood! This is a wonderful way to kick off Winter.

Buy these classics like Jenga, Operation, Candy Land, Mouse Trap, Rock ’em Sock ’em Robots, Clue & Battleship… and so much more!

5. Little People Nativity Scene & Noah’s Ark $24 & $29

I love Little People Sets. The princesses, the animals, the barn..we have so many. But these two are adorable! And perfect for the season. It inspires storytelling for your little ones and something that can be used for so long! Plus, it’s special to explain the meaning of Christmas.

Get them here..Fisher-Price Little People Nativity

Noah’s Ark Playset

6. Melissa and Doug Jumbo Stuffed Animals $25-35

These cute things are nearly 2 ft or more in size and make great play companions. Kids can tackle and play their little day away. There are lot of adorable animals to choose from and can even go bigger and bigger!

I love the Dino, Shark, & Orca Whale

7. Green Toys Build-A-Bouquet Floral Playset $12..On sale!

My daughter, and even sons, love this set! It’s so cute. They create all different kinds of flower scenes and use their little bugs and nets along with it. Great for motor skills and creativity. A must have!!

Buy Green Toys Build-a-Bouquet Floral Arrangement Playset here..

8. Green Toys Wagon $15..On sale!

Green Toys wagon

This wagon is oh so adorable and amazingly sturdy. My boys even tested it out by riding in it and it withstood them..despite its smaller frame! Green Toys make amazing products that are very durable and timeless. Get this to haul around all the goodies this Christmas!

Buy it here.. on sale!

9. Teepee Tent $49

Give the gift of space…play space that is.. Let your child set up their own little play room in this tent and get creative! Put some blocks inside or their favorite games and let them set up and design the inside. Plus they can snuggle up with cozy blankets and watch a good Christmas movie when they are done with presents & dinner. Or even camp out by the Christmas tree!

This one is on sale now…get it here!

10. Whatever their heart desires..

Ok ok… we gotta buy at least one of the overpriced items they beg for each year. I always take them to stores and let them look at the Holiday catalogs to see what kind of toy they will really go nuts over having. Picking that one thing they absolutely love, actually makes them appreciate it more.

I have done this each year now and those toys are the ones they still get out and remember exactly when it got it.

So go ahead and buy that big toy they think is the bees knees too!

Happy Holidays Loves!!

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