My Home Tour..& Keeping Up On The Clutter

Hi guys!  I wanted to share with you my humble abode today. It’s nice to take a peak inside and see where the magic happens! And I want to show you how we function and keep things more minimal these days.

We recently moved into a beautiful community. And honestly, we do love to rent. Like anything, it can have it’s downfalls. But we are in love with our little space right now. There is a big gym, cafe space, tanning, tennis, pools, local farms and gyms… and so much more that we get access to while living here. Which is so, so freaking nice when having three kids! Always something to do within a short bike ride.

It is in a community linked up gorgeous walking trails too. Oh and those trails lead us right up to our favorite farm that has weekly local markets, food trucks, beer tents, kids events and festivals all year long. Score! Now, it just needs to warm up so we can reap the benefits.

So yea…loving it. Of course, we will be looking for a real house to settle down in but right now we don’t even have to leave our little area to have fun all Summer long! This year we vowed to pay off debt too. We want to be debt free and care free before we settle into a home. So I enjoy the carefree nature of renting until we find that or create that.

And the good news is.. we are mostly debt free now! Which feels amazing. I never was one to completely rack up the bills but there was some things, like credit cards and such, that kept monthly bills higher than we’d like, so going a little more minimal without sacrificing things we loved was the plan. It does not take much or cost much to create a life you love. I enjoy only having things and pieces that bring me joy…the rest can just clutter my mind and make daily life feel more hectic than it needs to be.

I love being able to wipe up a clear counter when I am done cooking and not having to move a ton of things. I love having toys organized in bins, there will never be confusion on where it goes and makes it easy for the kids to clean up. Being minimal just keeps daily life smooth in my opinion. My home will always generally be clean because that is what I prefer. It will not be perfect, just tidy. I do not think that moms have to be perfect but I do know moms or anyone in general feel overwhelmed, so why not take the pressure off life and keep things simple? Buying less means less to clean and less to store. It saves money too. So if you are feeling like you are struggling at home..being minimal in all things does help that. There will always be things that need cleaned or laundry to do but keep the rest of life light!

Being in an apartment teaches you to really look at what you need and want. When we moved here, so much stuff had to be sold and donated because it simply would not fit. And I can’t even remember what some of it was! Just toys and clothes and things that were never being used anyway. I knew I wanted to be within walking distance to all our favorite things here though, so it was all worth no houses we looked at felt totally right. I am not a major impulse buyer when it comes to big things!

And if you are wondering how the kids feel about it, they love it too. They have played so much better now that they can actually see the toys they have kept and organized their favorite things. Playtime has been amazing…no clutter! Well smaller amounts of clutter I should say… but take a look inside and see how we keep that eclectic, homey feel even in our apartment! And how we organize. Obviously, I picked up before I took pictures too mommas…I promise having less toys is less stress!

The Living & Dining Space

I like to keep a central theme going through the apartment. The kids are always dragging pillows and blankets from one room to the next, so by keeping everything in our rental space generally neutral makes it all look nice no matter which room it is in and I just double up on my favorite pillows and things. I even did the bathrooms as the same simple design to keep things vibing. I wanted this place to feel like a home away from home since we are in limbo. You know that nice simple feeling when you are on vacation and staying at a nice hotel..that is the feel we were going for this Summer.

Only buy things that bring you joy…for instance I decorate with some of our favorite toys and books. I buy gorgeous pillows that I love to see in each room but they are comfortable, affordable and stylish even. It does not have to cost a fortune or be perfect to be cute and fun! Plus you do not want it to be so staged that you never have fun either.

The Bedrooms

I let the kids design and help pick out their room. They will be starting school and sports this year, so we wanted to really dive into their interests. My sons are very much into all sciences, so we created a space where their imagination can start flowing and we learn things daily in there! We love a little space for their school work. Which I homeschool their preschool activities, so school space was needed. We also switched over to a twin trundle bed for our sons too. they love the bigger bed and they just had to have the lightning bolt sheets with the fun blankets we found.

My daughter loves all things pink. Flamingos, cotton candy, anything furry…she wants to be a ballerina too. So she loves to fill her room with just cute things she adores.

When we moved we kept only their favorite things. My children play with balloons and crafts more than toys, so we donated so much big stuff. We organized the rest by bins and baskets. That way when they want to do puzzles I can go right to the closets and pick the bin for it. Same goes for Barbies, Hotwheels and so on…all labeled and organized. The kids can help clean up knowing what bin it belongs in too. It is not crazy level perfection, just enough to keep a day at home running smoothly as possible.

The Boys Room

Gigi’s Room

Her little wonderland…

Our Room

My “hotel” room I like to call it…I just love white ya’ll….

And do not forget that I will be whipping up some mean recipes in that little kitchen soon and sharing my tips on keeping toddler life less hectic! Again, its not going to be perfect…nothing ever will be. But WE CAN control some of the chaos if we do not like it. I will talk more on that very soon momma babes! Just create a space that vibes and flows for yourself or your family and that will feel amazing every day…

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