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Happy Halloween! And Holidays?…Plus, my favorite Fall Instagram moments & playlist!

Heeeeey Yooooouuuuu Guuuuuys!

Y’all have been on my heart so much this year but I needed a break. A big one. Like I’m not totally off my break even…but popping in to make sure things are still flowing and to say hi!

When my mother got sick earlier this year, I just decided to stop everything….and relax. I worked a little with my church and local places to get out and about. But it was so nice just stop all the social media, emails & such that come along with writing.

To be honest… I’m probably not keeping up my Instagram too much here… sorry just can’t do it. It’s tiresome and some weird things from weird people were coming my way.. so no. I like to keep things pretty private elsewhere now!

But I love writing to you and still here and active on Pinterest. Obviously holidays are upon us, so I have no intention of being really active again now either..lots of life stuff going on. Between marriage, kids, work and everything in between… I’m figuring out where I want to take this. But I love you all and miss this badly… but until then…

I’ll be enjoying Halloween with my children tomorrow and all the fun things that will come after… Turkey…Birthdays and Christmas shenanigans, of course.

Have a wonderful Halloween Babes!!

Halloween Vibes on Spotify

Halloween Vibes

I put together some my FAVORITE songs I’ve been rocking out to all October to get into the mood for some retro Halloween action. Most songs have ties to pretty awesome tv/movie counterparts & based on your favorite characters to dress up as. Plus, the videos are good! Be back soon and stay classy my sassies!



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