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My Favorite Spring Face Masks…

Hi babes!

I am feeling rested and so crazy ready for spring. February is the shortest month but somehow feels like the longest?! Anyway, I fell in love today… with the cutest masks that make me so ready to see flowers even more.

Winter is rough on skin so I like to double down on moisture. And these left my skin feeling so soft and bright. Combining the two below left my skin feeling soooo good.

And cmon… they are soooo much cuter than the regular ones. The usual make you look like Leather Face or Michael Myers… I literally hide out when I wear those but these were so darn cute and my new favorites. Perfect to wear with the girls on a spa night.

To get the best out of these.. make sure you wash and exfoliate ..then apply.

Kokostar Rose Petals

Kokostar Rose Petals Face Masks


These come with about twelve “Petals”. They are in all different shapes and sizes for different areas of the face. I loved them on the corners of my eyes, forehead and frown lines. They smell so good and leave your skin so smooth. Plus hello, twelve! Use as much or as a little as you want for $5!

Pacifica Flower Power Petals

Pacifica Flower Power Petals Face Masks

I combined the Rose Petals with these. I used these to liven up the under eye area and cheeks. I like to combine so it saves on the Rose Petals above and these only come with two so by combining you can get a full facial mask. They left my skin feeling so clean and glowing. I will definitely keep both of these around. They are so adorable and they didn’t quite tingle but you could just feel it brightening up the skin. Even after using it I could feel the ingredients doing their job!

Click the picture to buy or check out your local Target!

Again so much cuter than the regular ones and work so well. I love how they hugged certain areas a little better too. So get in the mood for Spring with these cuties!

Happy Spring Fever Loves!

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