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Victoria’s Secret Beauty Haul!

Victoria’s Secret Skincare Line

If you have not tried the Pink line of beauty products that have been coming out over the last year… YOU ARE MISSING OUT!!!!

Not only do the run amazing deals on them ( I’m talking on sale for $6-7 sometimes or 3/$25) ..they work! I have quietly been trying out the Coco & Detox products for awhile but was blown away when my Aloe-ha products arrived today.

Victoria’s Secret has you covered.. from head to toe.. literally. Not only are the clothes so freaking adorable but now they are dishing up hair masks and more that are simple and leave skin amazingly fresh. Um, give me all the swimsuits and lotions now please…

It’s no secret they are my favorite store. Chances are if I’m wearing something, it came from there. I live in comfy basics. And now I cannot stop buying their beauty products. The smells alone are amazing but they all leave my hair and skin flawless looking.

I’m a fan of luscious locks and dewy skin. Who isn’t?? And not one of these products has disappointed me. I will be living off the Aloe ones this Summer.

Victoria’s Secret Skincare Line

They have lines based on every need.. coconut oil for moisture. Detox (charcoal based line) for problematic skin issues. And the Aloe based is perfect for upcoming spring break and summer time skin ( hello tan lines!! 😉

I still have so much more to try but picked a few from each line to try and so far I can’t pick a favorite! I love them all for different areas and reasons. You’ll love it too! Here are the must have below..

Buy it all here!

Victoria’s Secret Skincare  Victoria’s Secret Skincare Victoria’s Secret Skincare  Victoria’s Secret Skincare

Oh and don’t forget the basic tees for Spring love with the colors.. I wear these in size small with leggings and flip flops more than I care to admit… ok every day. Dress them up or down!

My new colors are below dolls.. bring on the Sun!!

Victoria’s Secret Pink Basic Tees

Xoxo 😉

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