The Ultimate Ladies Christmas List

Who loves a great stocking stuffer?! I do I do! Only a few things are over $15!! I have gathered up my fave things for my lovely ladies here..great products with great quality.

These are the items on the top of my little wish list this year too & I just had to share them with you! I love it all!!! I got you covered..from face masks to fitness, all the way to down to cozy slippers.

All of them are adorable and adorable…and it all comes together to make one happy chickadee! Come check out some Christmas cheer babes..

And don’t forget to share, so your loved ones know exactly what you wish for!

The Ultimate Ladies Christmas List Glitter Bomb Pink Stardust Water Bottle

img_7098 Women’s BFF Deluxe Hot Stuff Thermal Mug


Soft Stretch Cable Knit Ribbed Faux Fur Pom Pom Beanie Hat

Kate Spade New York Lunch Tote – Deco Dots (Out To Lunch) & Tumbler With Straw


Forever 21 Slipper Socks

Winter CC Faux Fur Furry Crossbody Shoulder Handbag Wristlet Clutch Purse



TonyMoly I’m Real sheet mask (Set of 09)


Tone It Up: 28 Days to Fit, Fierce, and Fabulous


Knit Winter Infinity Scarf for Women Fashion Thick Warm Circle Loop Scarves Beige


VS Pajama Set w/free slippers

H&M Loose Knit Sweater

H&M Triple Stand Necklace

Happy Holiday Hunting! Stay tuned for the The Gentlemen’s Guide..with a very special appearance!


8 Ways To Fall In Love With Fall…

Ya know….I didn’t always like these last colder months. Shocking if you know me! But I loved Summer. I hated when Fall rolled around because it meant you were stuck inside for months. I then realized, that’s no way to live. So I found fun things I could do each season to make the best of it.

And now after years of having fun with the Holidays, I love it more than any other time. It’s full of family and relaxing..what’s not to love? So if you need help letting go of Summer, I’ll be sharing ways to get you feeling Fall too.

And your home should be your safe haven. Where you feel comfortable, where you can cook or watch a movie and feel completely cozy. I don’t care at all to be “basic” as they say…these little things make me happy!

1. Add some Autumn colors to your beauty routine..I love dark reds this time of year! It’s nice to keep it simple after all the funky Summer colors…

2. Buy a new mug..there’s nothing like sipping a warm cup of coffee, cocoa or cider while cozied up inside…so have a mug collection that you adore.

3. Buy seasonal magazines…if you’re a little lost on what to do for fun or create, these will have your back..

4.Decorate! Even if just a small space..head to Target Dollar Spot or any local store for some cute’ll give you something to look forward to and have fun doing..

5. Get a new sweater or scarf…I love buying way oversized sweaters for this weather. I live in leggings, boots and sweaters..Basic & Amazing!! Target has some great deals right now too.

6. This time of year, I care not to gain a few pounds. Enjoy the baked goods and warms soups with reckless abandon. I stock up on all things pumpkin as well. I keep a little treat jar and yes it does have candy this time of year and not just fresh baked! Extra credit if it’s seasonal candy..

7. Stock up on cozy scents, blankets & socks. I love to have people over to sip spiked cider while dressed in our favorite, comfy best. I have plenty of cozy blankets to go around while we enjoy the sweet smells of vanilla, pumpkin candles. It’s so relaxing and casual.

8. Apple Picking & Pumpkin Patches..enough said. Even without kids, this is still 100% okay to do.

I will have lots of more fun ideas and share our pumpkins for this year like I always do! Can’t wait to see what everyone is doing to prepare for the Holidays…..much love everyone!

August Instagram Round Up…

Oh August…this really is the last rattle of Summer for me. Tomorrow, I will officially be decorating for Fall and eventually Halloween. So let’s take a trip down memory lane and remember this last sweet, sweet month for SummerTime fun!


My Instagram does not have a theme. This is not my completely personal account either. Just an account I run so I can keep most family photos more private and impromptu on another account. I love blogging and meeting all you wonderful people. I love to keep it real and just have fun and share it all with you Babes!! I share everyday things from recipes I do not post on here, to items I love…. So let us connect on Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest too! Much Love Dolls! Plus, who is super excited for all things Fall?? I’m beyond basic and will be making pumpkin smoothies and burning Bath & Body Works candles in about 24 hrs……

Physicians Formula Amazing Makeup Haul…

I have loved Physicians Formula for some time now. They offer Paraben Free products at a great cost, that is accessible to everyone. No fancy store required. So I can get behind that!

Using organic/natural makeup doesn’t always give you the full effects that you’re used to. But this haul had me very happy! These products are sold on their own too. The colors were all fantastic and went on so smoothly.

There was no build up. Everything was soft and I could tell my skin was able to breathe!

So let’s check out these latest Special Value Packs that you can find now at Target, Ulta and their own site! I added on their new Butter Bronzer and Blush too….😍

Physicians Formula Multi-Tasking Miracle Super BB All-In-One Beauty Balm Makeup Kit-$19.99

This kit came with these three options. The cream, concealer & powder. Coverage was very nice. More natural makeup will have a lighter texture, which is good for your skin. It means less gunk to clog pores! And while putting anything on your face isn’t ideal for pores, this is definitely a better option if prone to breakouts!

Physicians Formula In The Nude Custom Eye Enhancing Makeup Kit-$13.99


The prices for these packs are crazy!!! First off, the mascara was not clumpy at all. It was like cream and loved the brush too. It has two options for eyeliner and mascara, browns and blacks. Then it came with the eyeshadow too! The eyeliners I will buy over and over. And I love the colors in the eye shadow palette. I just blended some different colors and created a great smokey eye. Again, the colors with be soft. The goal here is to have color but for it to blend well and be light.

So overall you’ll get an amazing natural looking glow. Love it!

Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer-$13.99

My new favorite bronzer. The smell alone is divine! Glides on like Butter. These ingredients are natural and rich. I feel like I am actually being beneficial to my skin when I apply this. No joke. After I washed my face the night I used all of this, I had the softest skin.

The color of this bronzer is amazing!

Physicians Formula Butter Blush-$13.99

Another lovely smelling product here 🙂

The color completely blends in for a natural looking glow, just as the name implies. The shine is gentle on this, so it really does just make your skin look like your naturally sun-kissed.

The finished look with all these products combined is 100% natural. But there are options to apply darker eye looks or lighter depending on the look you need. But the facial creams and powders are glorious. It all really does work and gives you a wonderful glow. I am so ready for Autumn, but I will miss my lies. So I will be using this to keep that effortless, bombshell look going strong through the colder seasons!!

Why I Blog & The Reason Behind  “Beauty, Grace, Coffee & Lace”…

I want to get a little more personal today since I have recently changed the name of my blog and want you all to get to know me and my purpose a little further!! I have been meaning to do this earlier but let’s face it.. I’ve been caught up in different endeavors. So anywho, here it goes! 

The Reason I Started Blogging…

I started this blog nearly two years ago!! My how time flies…but I started this blog shortly after I became a stay-at-home mother. I was pregnant with a third child and already had two little babes in the two previous years! 
So here I am a mother of two under two and surprisingly pregnant with a third…now when I say surprisingly..I mean my husband and I couldn’t celebrate anything without getting pregnant apparently. ONE night of champagne and martinis=babies. 

I love being a mother most of all but I needed a creative outlet. And I have always been a writer. It runs in the family actually! So with countless journals and recipe books, and blogging on the rise,  I thought ” I can do this too!”. It was a virtual space that allowed me to meet others and get creative. I am not a grammar/spelling wizard or a great photographer but the ideas were there. 

So one day I read and didn’t stop reading until I understood everything about blogging. I jumped around on a few platforms and finally stuck with this one after engaging with some really great women so far. And it’s been a blessing! 

I do not do this for fame, like so many people instantly think when you tell them you Blog. I do not do this out of vanity. My passions have translated themselves through writing. So I just simply enjoy having a platform for it. 

I think so many of us think the grass is greener on the other side. It is not. You don’t like your outdated furniture? Paint it. Can’t afford that high end face mask? Make it. Have an adventure in your own back yard. You feeling me?! 

We hold the key to our happiness is my point. We can make ourselves and homes and our lives whatever we want them to be. We can be happy right where we are.

I believe less is more. Live minimally. Buy the products you know you love or need. Buy things that will match everything. We don’t need the latest bag or the best of everything. But we all have desires and I believe in rewarding ourselves for hard work definitely & enjoying the small things. But again..less is so much more!

 So that’s why I am here doing this. To share my simple treasures. To help others looking for a new project, to connect & to enjoy the little things life has to offer. 

My life is far from perfect. There are days where I don’t get out of my pjs and fall asleep just trying to get my kids asleep! My marriage has flaws, my kids can overreact & there are days where I’m sure I’m failing. But I do not focus on the bad. I do this to focus on the good.  

Blogging has a beautiful side and an ugly under belly. The hashtagging, the lack of support, people trying to take credit or think you are here as a copycat are all some the downfalls. But the real beauty of it outweighs those things. There are wonderful women and men all looking to share their voices and inspire others. Many of us just want there to be happiness in the world! 

And I really do try to post as much as possible. With three children all in the toddler years, I find myself on the less creative side of life sometimes. But I am happier. If they are happy I am happy.

 Now that leads me to my name change...

Beauty, Grace, Coffee & Lace…

Truth be told, almost everything I thought of was taken. So in a frenzy and out of exhaustion (bad combo) I choose this name..long I know!! But it meant something to me. It just popped into my head when I was jotting down what this blog was about and it had a ring to it. So I picked it.
I had based everything off of my own name at first here. And when the creepers rolled in, they rolled right into my personal social media I was using. Now I am no famous face, so I had to make sure I was protecting pictures of my children and us. Sad, I know!! But I cooled it down on media and took a break. I have been quietly changing everything up and feel so much better about it all now.  

I meant this be something I could share with friends and family mainly. And all of you who have joined along for the ride are a blessing! And I thank you. God has plans for us all Dolls!! 

So back to the name…

Beauty- this was oringally just a fun beauty blog for me to keep records of things I was doing and able to share it easily when someone wanted to try it out. 

Grace-  I never felt the need for marriage and kids. In fact I didn’t feel the need for much at all in my younger years. I stumbled through relationships and jobs that left me feeling empty. I didn’t think having my own big,loving family was in my cards. But my husband changed all that for me when we met. My newfound love and children led me back to Grace. A peaceful feeling and understanding of God’s plans. The need for change was replaced by the happy contentment that was parenting. 

Coffee- um duh…who doesn’t like coffee?! I have mentioned before my love of coffee shops at an early age. So coffee is home to me. But I imagine this blog as one big coffee chat between friends. Where we can catch up and share each other’s ideas…plus I write about food and this kinda-sorta  fit the bill there 😉 

Lace- all things girly..sign me up! I don’t care. I’m going to talk about all the frilly things I can. Because why not?! I love clothes. Vintage clothes are the best. Fashion is fun. When I find a piece of clothing I love, I wear the shit out of it. It’s how I roll. 

Now I feel like I have said all I had to say for now! Plus, my children will wake up from their naps soon..begging for something I’m sure…so duty calls for this happy momma!  I enjoy you all  so much and will be back shortly with some more DIY things I have worked on this past week! Xoxo!! Have a wonderful night Loves!!

 The Cozy Holiday Gift Guide…

If your like me…then snuggles are on the top of your “To Do” list this Winter. Nothing is better than some cocoa and cuddles. So here are some of my favorite things I have bought recently or can’t wait to get!!! Perfect stocking suffers too! All items are linked to their pictures loves!

                  Threshold Throw Blanket-Target $22-$30
Target Throws are amazing. The price is perfect and the quality is great. So many choices!!! So you really cant go wrong with gifting nice & neutral blankets in Winter.

Victor & Rolf Flowerbomb Perfume – Nordstrom $55
This is my favorite perfume. I like to spritz a little on after a shower, even on a Saturday where I know I’m just lounging with family. It’s delicate and good for any occasion. Yes please!

A Cozy Coloring Cookbook – Amazon
This is a coloring book to go along with another book on this list…I have yet to get this but it’s adorable for those cozy, chill nights. So give the gift of adorable homemaker entertainment. $11

Blanket Scarf -Amazon
I love blankets scarfs for many reasons. They can be worn many different ways. They double as home decor. They are also blankets when in need…need I say more? Plus the price makes it a top contender for any giftable event.

Victoria’s Secret Flannel PJs
Buffalo plaid is a great design for anything. Victoria’s Secret Pjs are just plain awesome. They hold up for years!!! I own many pairs of these, in many comfy!!! And what girl doesn’t want cute jammies to wear to bed. They come in all different styles for anyone’s preference. $39.50-$54.99

                  The Year Of Cozy – Amazon $16
The Year of Cozy is one of my favorite things to dive into during a long weekend home. It’s 100% relatable. The recipes and crafts are elegant yet doable. Ladies…We all need this book…Great for the Hostess in your life.

Victoria’s Secret Cozy Socks $12
Cozy socks…literally that’s their name..are you truly comfortable at home without your cozy socks….probably not..It’s winter…suit up!

Marshmallow Fireside Candle -Bath and Body Works $12.50-$22
Candles from Bath and Body  Works are a current obsession we all love. While they all are amazing..Marshmallow Fireside is my favorite. I keep one in my bedroom and living room. Perfect gift for anyone!! But I must say I stock up on many scents. Can’t go wrong with these.

Kate Spade Stud Earrings – Kate Spade starting at $32
Kate Spade can do no wrong. Especially when it comes to adorable and affordable studs. They come in many sparkley colors and sizes too. Any girl would be over the moon to see these in her stocking! These make me feel gorgeous when I don’t feel like loading up on makeup & jewelry.

52 Lists For Happiness – Amazon $10
The 52 Lists Project is one of my favorite past times. It’s weekly journaling to keep you feeling inspired and organized emotionally. So I am so excited to try this new book.  I think this is the perfect gift and it keeps on giving.

Travel Mugs and Tumblers – Bando $14-$18
Mugs are usually a staple at Christmas time. But Bando takes it to a new level. All their designs are so lovely. The cups hold up wonderfully as well. I have quite a few of these and their tumblers. But this new gold one is divine! I say it’s the perfect gift.

The Magnolia Story – Amazon
Books are kinda, sorta a major part of life right? And who doesn’t love these two. The Queen of Cozy herself! So get this for any Fixer Upper addict looking for a fix. I can’t wait to get my hands on this!