Mommy Mocktails…

I have had my fair share of taking a pass on the wine and beer tastings over the years, so it’s easy to say I have definitely been creative when it comes to my mocktails.  Plus, some are amazing for those days pregnant ladies are not feeling too well or if it’s a kid friendly atmosphere! My favorite this summer…

Ingredients: Grapefruit or grapefruit juice , Pink lemonade & lemon lime soda, sugar(optional)

This is definitely a backyard barbecue staple, no matter who you are. It’s so fresh and simple to make…

If preparing for yourself only, simply slice the grapefruit, squeezing about 1/4 of the contents into a cup. Then add one cup lemon lime soda and one cup pink lemonade. Bam! If I’m feeling fancy, I use the squeezed slice of grapefruit to coat the rim of glass with juice and dip in to sugar.

Of coarse if preparing for more that a few people it’s easy to prepare a pitcher, obviously using equal parts soda, juice and lemonade.

Variations could include plain club soda or even ginger ale, instead of lemon lime flavor. If grapefruit isn’t your thing, just try out an orange for an extra fruity flavor still. Enjoy!


Simple Green Tea Facial Scrub…

To say I am a tea lover, wouldn’t even grasp how much I truly love tea… I’m obsessed. Whether it’s the sweetest of the sweet tea or my nightly chamomile dose, I keep plenty of tea in the house. Although I do love my beauty products, when I decided to be a stay at home mother, we took a major hit. The first thing to go on our shopping list…my expensive beauty options. However and luckily, I have always dabbled in home remedies and prefer more natural products. So instead of opting for my usual Lush extravaganza shopping sprees, I started to take on more home recipes myself and will be trying out a lot more for us to see what really works!!!

This is a simple facial scrub I have always loved. I drink decaf green tea with honey almost daily and even if you do not, this still works wonders on skin…especially when your preggers and trying anything and everything to keep the raging hormones from ruining your skin…but also trying to stay away from harmful products for the little baby bean in your belly..but anywho..

Ingredients: 1 green tea bag..sugar..honey

Step 1: Prepare the tea..I prefer to prepare my tea just like I would to drink it..cause I’m gonna..But don’t have to drink it, but you do want the tea leaves to be nice and warm..

Step 2:  I add about a tablespoon of honey to a bowl.. Then I just throw in about a tablespoon of sugar (usually raw but good ole sugar will do)..

Step 3: Tear open the tea bag and add contents on top of the honey and sugar mixture..and viola! A very simple home remedy….I usually cleanse my skin a little before I do this and let the scrub settle like a mask for a bit.

The green tea is full of antioxidants and anti inflammatories making it amazing for your skin… The sugar will act as an exfoliating property… The honey is a natural antibacterial and also, is known to fight aging while moisturizing skin. This recipe requires so little but packs a lot.

**Helpful tip.. Try using as a lip scrub or even on problem areas like bumpy arms. Also, things can be added like coffee grounds to tighten skin or lemon juice to help fight breakouts.

New mommy must haves…

I have tried so many different baby products on the market. After three kids, in three years… I definitely think some things are worth the splurge and some are just nice to have around. As I get closer and closer to my daughter arriving, here are the things I’m giving a go this time around…

1. 4moms-mamaRoo ..prices vary

Definitely the splurge.. But as I had three kids in three years, I regret not getting this the first time around.  Many others are very nice and get the job done.. But seriously.. Most baby stores have these on display to see what a difference it is and you’ll be amazed. My swing hardly made it to my second child, because with a newborn these things are miracle workers when you need rest as well and will be used often.. Especially if you want more children!! Also gender friendly… Most places give coupons and discounts when you register with them you could use on these as well.

2.Comotomo Bottles-  2-8 oz bottles $23.99

This was the only bottle my breastfeeding loving son would take. It’s made of silicone and makes it super easy to grip. Plus the softness isn’t such a difference for a child who was strictly breastfed. I love Tommee Tippee and Dr. Browns, as well. So I got away with just having one pack of Comotomos around until my son was comfortable with the bottle. I would recommend this for mommys introducing the bottle!!

3. The Honest Company Organic Nipple Balm-     $13.95 –

If you have ever breastfed before, you know why this is important. A lot of moms I’ve spoke to, give up breastfeeding when they start realizing some of the cons.. Such as the soreness.. The cracking.. The pain. For one.. That doesn’t always last! If you use a cream and balm it “honestly” does help that go away. I loved this stuff and even bring it to the hospital with me each time. It’s safe for the baby and you. Please give this a try!!

4. Cover Me Ponchos- $25.00

With my first child, I never used a cover. I opted to just throwing a blanket or swaddle around us to cover but it was such a pain. I tried out Udder Covers with my second child, and I loved those covers, plus they are free.. just pay shipping! But I saw some other mommy bloggers sporting their Cover Me Ponchos and I definitely am trying this out this time. There’s no buckles.. No straps.. Just a gloriously cute poncho to slide little one right under. They are super stylish which always makes breastfeeding so much fun! So go ahead and wear this out, so when it’s time to nurse, you’re not digging around in diaper bags with your hands full looking for covers. You feel good, while doing good…

5. Adult size sippy cups- no joke..

You are going to be thirsty…very thirsty. And water bottles are a waste. So stock up on cute cups that hubby or you can keep full at all times.  I could carry around little one and these cups without worrying about spills. Also, no leaning to take sips over the baby. Who doesn’t love sipping their sweet tea through these cuties anyway!

6. Healthy snacks- Trail Mix is my fave..

You just gave birth to a’re tired and that’s okay! You’re not going to feel up to making five course meals for awhile. So this goes along with keeping drinks on hand. Keep your favorite snack around… No not Doritos! Something healthy and delicious to you, so when you’re starving and need a pick me up it’ll be easy to eat. I always keep trail mix around.. It’s a little sweet and packs protein so it helps curb the hunger and keeps me going while I’m nursing!

So there ya go mommy… Get your lovely lady lumps ready and get comfy!

Top Five… Summertime Favorites

1.e.l.f. facial whip- drugstores $1

That’s right…$1. I swear by this stuff. Perfect finish to any look or great with just some mascara…just dab a little on your cheekbones and go! This is a hidden gem.

2. Marc Jacobs Honey- dept stores..price varies in size

I love this scent. It’s delicate enough to wear anywhere. One of the only things I could tolerate smelling this pregnancy and that’s saying a lot. Plus it’s sooo cute🐝

3. Freeman Facial Mask Charcoal & Black Sugar-Ulta/drugstores $4.29

Another hidden gem… Perfect for cleaning pores for those of us with blackheads. I love a lot of their masks but I’ll save those for later… This one is great for a bright fresh summer time glow!

4. Mwah Lip Balms and Gloss-Target $4.99

As if this stuff isn’t cute enough to buy for that reason alone. I feel like I’m in middle school again with this nostalgia inducing balm (we all know how much lip smackers meant to us).. Not to mention the mango butter and fresh ingredients feels amazing on your lips💋

5. Revlon Frost and Glow Honey-drugstores $6.99

Now this is something to try if you are familiar with a box of DIY hair color. I got this from one of my beauty inspirations and its perfect for us busy mommas who need a pick me up in the hair department without sacrificing the moolah and the time!