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The 10 Best Books For Mindfulness & Grace

Guys!! I've missed writing so badly. I took a little break over the holidays to just relax. But I still couldn't turn off the idea-train. Honestly, it was perfect though. I was able to reevaluate where I wanted to take things and decide what was for me and what wasn't. The other amazing thing I… Continue reading The 10 Best Books For Mindfulness & Grace

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The Ultimate Ladies Christmas List

Who loves a great stocking stuffer?! I do I do! Only a few things are over $15!! I have gathered up my fave things for my lovely ladies here..great products with great quality. These are the items on the top of my little wish list this year too & I just had to share them… Continue reading The Ultimate Ladies Christmas List

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The Timeless Holiday Gift Guide for Kids

Ah that time of year again! Where you're scoping out all the latest and greatest items to buy your little loved ones I used to fall victim to all-things-toys when I was a new mom. I thought for sure they'd love it all. I mean how could they not?! They love it when we are… Continue reading The Timeless Holiday Gift Guide for Kids

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A Lovely Little Party..Crafts, Appetizers & More..

This most recent party I planned was one of my favorites. So many cute ideas that can easily be used for the upcoming holiday gatherings! I have had a blast the past few months! My daughter turned two and just so much going on as a family. We have really taken steps to just lay… Continue reading A Lovely Little Party..Crafts, Appetizers & More..

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10 Ways To Have An Eco Friendly Home & Save Money…

We are all realizing to look for better food to consume, so let's take this a step further and really crack down on unsafe chemicals found in our products. Some items pollute the air... in our own home even...and some products waste our money buy breaking down over time. Things like the soaps you use,… Continue reading 10 Ways To Have An Eco Friendly Home & Save Money…

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Natural Scents For The Home

I love having candles. But with my children’s allergies and such, I am not able to have too many artificial scents throughout the home. It always seems to interrupt their air quality and makes their coughs worse. So I keep candles to a minimum now or just use the best candle options mostly. Having children… Continue reading Natural Scents For The Home