10 Best Summer Style Pieces To Own

As I write, I can hear the birds chirping just outside my bedroom window…could it be that time of year again?! Could it finally, dare I say it, be warmer?!!

All I know is that I am beyond ready to get outside. I do not even mind Winter actually, but this one was brutal and will not end. Sickness and snow for days, weeks, months and years! OK, it felt like years anyway…

But those little birdies (and my latest shopping excursion) has me so ready to live it up in the sunlight. And here are my favorite finds for you baby…get out the sweet tea and lemonade because things are about to get hot up in here…

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1. The One Piece

A great print on a one piece is fun for sporty days of swimming and looks amazing with a pair of cut-off jeans. This one is gorgeous and my new favorite.

2. The Sundress

You must always have a comfortable dress on hand for any event. I love one that can go over a bikini or be great for a night of deck drinking with the besties. Shop this beauty here..

3. The Everyday Sandal

Choose one really great sandal that goes with jeans, shorts, dresses or just a cover up. I love a good, snazzy sandal but my neutral ones always get worn the most.

4. The Denim Shorts

Always have a good distressed demin on hand for Summer. It is the essential Summer staple. Any shoe, bag, top will look great with it.

5. The Cross Body Bag

Straw bags are everything! And so are crossbody bags. You want to have your hands free for a margarita and cotton candy dont you?! This is my absolute favorite right now.

6. The Tops

I adore a retro prints in the Summer. And casual bright tops are something you can throw on quickly and feel great in. Here are some of the best tops to rock over and over again..

7. The Romper

These are the best, as I am sure you know. Whether you are too sunburnt to function or just want a carefree outfit, these are the way to go, yo. So casual and cute. They look lovely for a date night too.

8. The Cover Up

Ah…I love to throw a cover up on and hop in the Jeep and head straight to our fave local ice cream spot. This one is so freakin cute..

9. The Bikini

A simple bikini that you can actually mix and match with others all Summer is always a good addition. This one is so simple yet beautiful.

10. The Hat

Cover up that beachy hair in a hurry, if you must, with this little beauty. Plus it is always nice to give your face a little break from the sun from time to time. This one is cute for any occasion.


My Ultimate Style Icons: Audrey Hepburn & Brigitte Bardot

Some style just withstands the test of time. And while there are quite a few people who have gotten Style right, I definitely have my top favorites. I remember being borderline obsessed with classic style when I was younger. It started with my love of magazines. I would not only read the articles but I would observe the style in all the ads. Clothes just made me feel happy… you know that feeling!!

But I’ll never forget getting big stacks of magazines leftover from my mother and older sister. I read about all the best Seventeen had to offer. One day though, I came across a picture of Breakfast at Tiffany’s in one of the magazines. I had to know who the girl in the movie was! This glamorous woman in one of the most elegant outfits I had ever seen…

So of course after some digging, I found out she was none other than Audrey Hepburn. I would later come to love the movie and even book…but she was my style icon right then and there. Effortless yet elegant. Now I am thirty years old and still her style speaks to me and influences me. I hung that very picture I had seen in my first apartment and every apartment after that.

There is a twist to this love of dear Audrey though. Another time I saw a photo of yet another beautifully styled woman..and she stood out like a weed in a rose garden…but in a good way. She was just different. Her style wasn’t as simple as Audrey but that’s what made her awesome…So in came my Bridgitte Bardot obsession. I mean her hair alone is amazing!!!

And after all of these years of loving style, I am convinced that combining that 60s don’t-care hair and black eye liner with elegant pieces are the key to perfection. Well my happy perfection atleast 😉

Check out below for some style inspiration that we all need! All of the items are priced under $25!

If you’re doing some Spring cleaning or just want to go a little more minimal with your look then look no further… these Boss ladies knew what was up.


Audrey Hepburn

Style & Grace. Period. Her timeless combinations of big sunnies and simple black on black ensembles will never grow old. The neutrality of it all was pulled off with the perfect makeup and accessories. She makes minimal look so chic. Being comfortable was always what set her apart. She believed happiness was the best look…and who isnt happy when they are cute and comfy?!


Shop her style under $25 here:


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The Ultimate Minimalist Shoe Guide: Kristin Cavallari Edition +20% Deal Inside!

I love me some shoes. It is honestly hard to be a minimalist when it comes to shoes. I remember even in my young’n days, I would buy big,huge Spice Girl approved shoes. There just had to be options and heels. Now, I definitely care more about comfort than ever before though. That is why I bring you these lovely items below. There is quality, comfort and style.

And the trick to trying to keeping things minimal, without sacrificing style, is to buy the essentials for each occasion. Keep your colors mostly neutral and only buy your absolute favorites. For instance I love to have a few pumps in different colors and a few boots in different colors and so on.

You will need something for more elegant nights and you will need something for calmer days. So here is my absolute guide to all things shoes and the best part is some are on sale and designed by the wonderful Kristin Cavallari for Chinese Laundry!

Dont forgot that first time customers with Chinese Laundry get 20% off too..code below!

Receive 20% Off First Time Customers, with code FIRSTTIME, only at ChineseLaundry.com! Offer valid from 1/29 – 2/29.


Bootie, Bootie, Bootie, Bootie walking everywhere…..that’s right. Everywhere. These bad boys are my absolute faves for anything. They are casual enough to run around in, so cute for a casual date night and the thicker heel will keep you balancing in heels baby.


Pretty woman..walking down the street. These boots are hot, hot ,hot. I mean literally. I live in the Midwest girlfriend. These sexy things keep you warm and smokin hot. Over the Knee boots are a closet must have for Winter time. Going out with these always make you feel put together too. I love to wear them with a chunky sweater.


A classic high heel is a must. I love this color because it will be cute with a neutral dress or jeans. Having a few heels that are versatile enough for any event is okay in my book. I really do try to keep things elegant but simple, so this is a great pump to have on hand for anything.


Flats have my heart ya’ll. I wear a ton of blouses and I feel having a classy mule is a great alternative to tennis shoes if you need to dress it up a little more. They are so comfy and so cute! You can walk around the entire day with these and feel fantastic. These shoes are so elegantly chic. Pair these with a comfy sweater or basic top and you will be looking like the belle of the ball…the Target ball.


Summer summer summertime…time to sit back and untie… An awesome pair of shoes to go with anything all summer long. I prefer these to flip flops actually. Some cut off jean shorts and these beauties are going to be my go-to outfit this Summer. Effortlessly beautiful.


You already know you need to have your Bradshaw moment from time to time. Go a little more glam with this heel. These and a fabulous clutch will make any LBD shine like diamonds. It is important to have that one shoe you can count on for suprise dates or to jazz up any dress.


Ok…I have a weakness for booties. I could just wear these all year long. Do have a shoe that is just too cute not to have. Hey we all deserve a treat. So even if you are a fan of downsizing…you can never go wrong with a shoe this beautiful or two….

Shop New Arrivals at ChineseLaundry.com!

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The 10 Best Books For Mindfulness & Grace


Guys!! I’ve missed writing so badly. I took a little break over the holidays to just relax. But I still couldn’t turn off the idea-train. Honestly, it was perfect though. I was able to reevaluate where I wanted to take things and decide what was for me and what wasn’t.

The other amazing thing I was able to do was focus on my devotionals and wonderful new books to get me in the right space for this season of my life. So I just had to share them with you all!!! These all are such amazing books to get the whole family involved and even friends.

I am going to be doing some online study groups for some of these, as well. So whether you are around me locally or only able join online, I want us all to be able to connect and focus on what we truly want out of this God Given life. I want a community where we are all the leaders and guiding each other.

It’s very important for people to have fun and connect. I have always loved family life and motherhood. But I got to a place where I had no clue where I wanted to go next. It was a little alarming. All of the sudden it was time to search for new homes, start thinking about my children starting school, the Big 3-0 came and went… My quiet life at home with the kids was suddenly changing and so was I. I wasn’t giving myself anytime I needed to process anything either. And that’s when the idea hit me of what I truly wanted to do..to connect and help any woman who needs that extra support or inspiration. And to get organized spiritually again!

That ultimately has always been my goal here but I wasn’t fully diving into it the way I wanted. Or I was having so many ideas of things I could do that I couldn’t even pick a lane to focus on! So first and foremost, I think it’s important to stay humble and put our Faith first. When we have that main focus, everything else will fall where it needs to.

So that leads me here..to the books I did over Christmas break and have just begun for this new year. Some really are life changing! And it’s all personal books I have picked out, I promise! Even though this post contains affliate links, they are still books I purchased myself and love..I think anyone looking to dive a little deeper into their Faith or connections will benefit greatly from any of these.

My Top 10 Picks For 2018


1. The Beautiful Word Devotional

Buy here for daily inspiration

This matches my Beautiful Word journaling Bible. It is colorful and simple for daily inspiration. It reminds me of Spring, which always reminds me of new beginnings. Love and use this daily.


2. The 52 Lists Series, Project & Happiness

Buy here & here..

I have actually completed these books before and even gave them as gifts. It a lovely way to reconnect with yourself once a week. You make a list each week based on the topics, which are about you and what you enjoy. I love the topics and feel centered afterwards. img_7827

3. Craving Connection

Buy it here and lets try this out together..

I have just started this book and love the basis so far. It is challenging you to get out of your comfort zone and break down the walls you can build around yourself, whether intentional or not. It teaches you to open up to other like-minded women. As a mother or just busy woman in general, it is so easy to get stuck in the rut of not making time for yourself and friends.


4. 100 Favorite Bible Verses

Find it here!

Another beautifully illustrated book to get me ready for Spring/Summer! It’s light hearted and a great devotional. I love the passages and pick this up in the morning or read over the simple messages during my afternoon coffee. Take this along to the parks with you this Spring and do some extra journaling!


5. Good Days Start With Gratitude Journal

Buy it here for only $6.99!

I loooooove this book. It gets straight to the point. This is a journal laid out for each day of the year so that you can write down three things that make you grateful. Each week there is an inspirational quote, then a section for each day that week below it. Once the week is over, it even has space to go over what the highlights were for the entire week. Fill this out each morning over coffee or at the end of a hard day. It will keep you humble and get rid of crankiness!!


6. Walking In Wisdom

Buy it here and get started on this 6 week study soon!

Oh the amazing book of Proverbs. I’ll tell you some wonderful advice that was told to me… if you don’t know where to start in the Bible, start with Proverbs. All the messages you need are right there! So this study breaks it down daily and let’s you jot down reflections and ways to apply the words to your life.

It honestly will improve your quality of life and guide you to make respectable decisions towards everything. We are all sinners, but it’s important we keep each other on the right path and this book helps connect and show the way. I want to do a study group for anyone who’d like to join me on this one.


7. Kingdom Family Devotional

Find here for over 50% off!

As a mother, this is my favorite. This devotional focuses on one main lesson for each week of the year. Then there are five devotions (for the 5 week days) based on the main goal and it gives you the weekend off. So we do our lessons before or after dinner and there are wonderful ways to get kids involved. Each Friday, we review what the main lesson and it actually sticks!  This has been great for teaching my young ones manners and the appropriate qualities of life. Definitely recommend to growing families!


8. All in All Journaling Devotional

Get started here

The author, Sophie Hudson, does a fantastic job of inspiring and being totally relatable at the same time. I stumbled upon this book and as soon as I opened it..I knew I wanted to hear more from her. With 100 devotionals and space for journaling,  it makes this a fun, interactive way to get involved spiritually.


9. Women Living Well

Join me for a study and get it here for only $6.90! Major sale!

This was a huuuge game changer for me. I was feeling frazzled and a little lost when I finally grabbed this book off my shelf to finish one night. I had a long doctor appointment that night and was able to dive into this book for hours. And it was exactly what God wanted me to read right then.

It covers what it is like to be a Proverbs 31 woman…To live serving your family and God. Some of it can be a hard pill to swallow but some of it really does change the way we view ourselves as a woman/mother/wife. It helped me be more grateful of my role as a busy woman.


10. Kingdom Marriage Devotional

Buy it here and join us!

Another great one by Tony Evans. This is something I have yet to fully begin, but it is great for establishing a connection that needs tended to or even just maintaining a connection as prevention. Perfect for any couple! It’s 90 days of inspiration for you to bond over.

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The Ultimate Ladies Christmas List

Who loves a great stocking stuffer?! I do I do! Only a few things are over $15!! I have gathered up my fave things for my lovely ladies here..great products with great quality.

These are the items on the top of my little wish list this year too & I just had to share them with you! I love it all!!! I got you covered..from face masks to fitness, all the way to down to cozy slippers.

All of them are adorable and adorable…and it all comes together to make one happy chickadee! Come check out some Christmas cheer babes..

And don’t forget to share, so your loved ones know exactly what you wish for!

The Ultimate Ladies Christmas List

ban.do Glitter Bomb Pink Stardust Water Bottle


ban.do Women’s BFF Deluxe Hot Stuff Thermal Mug


Soft Stretch Cable Knit Ribbed Faux Fur Pom Pom Beanie Hat

Kate Spade New York Lunch Tote – Deco Dots (Out To Lunch) & Tumbler With Straw


Forever 21 Slipper Socks

Winter CC Faux Fur Furry Crossbody Shoulder Handbag Wristlet Clutch Purse



TonyMoly I’m Real sheet mask (Set of 09)


Tone It Up: 28 Days to Fit, Fierce, and Fabulous


Knit Winter Infinity Scarf for Women Fashion Thick Warm Circle Loop Scarves Beige


VS Pajama Set w/free slippers

H&M Loose Knit Sweater

H&M Triple Stand Necklace

Happy Holiday Hunting! Stay tuned for the The Gentlemen’s Guide..with a very special appearance!

10 Ways To Have An Eco Friendly Home & Save Money…

We are all realizing to look for better food to consume, so let’s take this a step further and really crack down on unsafe chemicals found in our products. Some items pollute the air… in our own home even…and some products waste our money buy breaking down over time.

  • Things like the soaps you use, the cleaning products, and even down to your shower curtain can be toxic. So it’s important to know ways to keep the air clean and smell fresh without all the toxic products. 

  • Indoor air can be almost 100x worse than outdoor air. Causing asthma and disruptions to the natural healing process of our bodies.

So here are my favorite products I use throughout my house and methods that keep my mind at ease and reduce waste. You will save money by ditching all the pointless cleaners, plastic bags, candles and all. This stuff will leave your home clean, disinfected & smelling great.

•Amber Bottles$10

These are great because they won’t break down like plastic bottles. Plus they are cute and perfect for concocting your own cleaning recipes with essential oils. Natural cleaning solutions with vinegar, lemon and water are way safer than most spray cleaners. I love mine! I make my own air freshener and cleaner.

•Wool Dryer Balls$10

wool balls are the perfect solution for keeping your clothes soft and static free. Plus you will save a ton of money on dryer sheets. Spritz a little essential oil on these and pop right in to the dryer. Save money and save your air from synthetic fragrance. Dryer sheets can be very toxic. And these last for sooooo long! I haven’t used dryer sheets in years thanks to these. They work wonders.

•Air Purifier$85

It is nice to have one of these to help clean the air from what we pollute it with inside our home. These actually rid the air of germs, so it’s great for protecting the family and visitors from spreading illness. This is the best investment. We love ours!! Keeps the home smelling fresh as well.

•Ditch Plastic & Toxic Kitchen Items

Links to items below..

Try Stainless Steel/Silicone/Glass/Bamboo/Mesh

I decided to ditch all the old plastic in the house this year. Many plastics may be safe to use but break down over time and become an issue again. It disrupts the natural functions of our bodies. So I replaced all my children’s cups and even mine to meet some safer guidelines and it wasn’t more expensive.

I actually saved money switching from plastic tumblers to masons jars and steel straws. Because I don’t have to constantly replace cups.

I still have some safe plastic choices and I look out for the code number you can find on the bottom of your plastics..we look to buy options with the number 2 & 5! I buy reusable plastic/silicone bags for some snack containers instead of those typical sandwich bags at the store.

And stop using bottled water!!! Invest in some cute options to take your own water on the go. I only buy water out if I have ran out or forgot to bring my own.

Many toys now come in recycled plastics options such as Green Toys and they also make safer dinnerware choices for kids too. (More on kids toys and money saving tricks coming soon for Christmas!)

And don’t forget the shower curtain…they are one of the worst indoor air pollutants! We buy polyester washable curtains.

You will save because you won’t run out or need to replace constantly! Items are usually $10-$15 or way less…and last. I use all of these items below daily for food storage, drinks and snacks.

-Silicone Sippy Cup Lids

-Stainless Steel Straws

-Silicone Food/Snack Storage Bags

-Mesh Fruit/Veggie Bags

-Mason Jar Drinking Lids

-Glass Food Storage/Oven Safe

-Beeswax Reusable Food Wrap

-Washable Fabric Shower Curtain

•Charcoal Bags $15 5 pack

Perfect for a little extra indoor air cleaning and helps remove odors! I have one on everyone’s closet door handle. Charcoal helps kill odors and keep air clean naturally. These little bags are cute too.

Salt Lamps$19.99

Salt lamps release positive ions into the air which are great for your health and mood. I sleep next to one every night to offset all the things in my room that my be harmful to our air. They are calming and said to help with indoor allergies.

Plants-So stock up on some of the best plants that actually release fresh air into your home! I prefer ivy, aloe & peace lilies since they are so low maintenance. I keep a plant in each room of the house. It’s so comforting and adorable for the decor of your home.

•Safe Soap/Cleaner & Essential Oils

Essential Oil Bundle $14.95

-Cool Mist Humidifier/oil diffuser

My favorites are tea tree, lemon and lavender. Thieves oil is great for cleaning. Avoid eucalyptus if there are young children in the house though. I love to use vinegars and baking soda as my main cleaning agents. All these agents clean and disinfect countertops, toilets and even floors.  Just use those amber bottles to store it!

Seventh Generation makes wonderful cleaning supplies that disinfect home too…Especially if you aren’t familiar with oils or just need the power of a good disinfectant quickly.

And if ditching candles and plugins to get the clean house smell doesn’t sound appealing go for Beeswax candles and burners! They actually help the air instead of bogging it down with fake fragrance.I love to use a diffuser & cool air humidifier to freshen up my home.

You will save money because oils go a long way.

Reusable Napkins/Cleaning Cloths$3.99

I ditched paper towels a long time ago. I realized I was going through them way too much, so I stocked up on some tea sack towels and starting using old rags to clean. Money saver!! I still will have paper towels and things for parties and such but keep it to a minimum.

•Reusable Tote Bags$2-5

I love canvas bags and use them for everything. I use them as a diaper bag even! But they are great to keep in the car for when you want to run to the farmers market or a quick store trip. Why do we need fancy bags anyway??

This works just fine. And usually less then $5.

I’ll do more on how to become a minimalist in many ways. Going to store shouldn’t mean a different cleaner for every room and surface. (Except lovely wood!) Doing this will cut down plastics and chemicals around you and your family.